Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goatie Good Morning

What better way to start off our day than a great big dose of cute goatie goats!

Butter Bean and Nibbles fight over The Boy's lap.Nibbles is a big time lap goat,she is content to sit in The Boy's lap and get a good scratchin' until The Boy's fingers cramp up!

Butter Bean mostly likes to play King of The Boy.Yes,The Boy's hair is crazy.It always looks this way.I wish I could say it was just bed head,and some of it is,but his hair grows crazy and there is not a hair product created that will make it stay laying down!

Doodah is having her breakfast in the pet carrier while all this is going on.She is starting to adjust to her new family,they have stared playing and being nice to each other,but meal time is still an issue we are working on.

Her is Doodah all done and getting her morning chin scratchin'.Just in case you didn't know, chin scratchin' is a very important part of a goatie goat's day.

As is ear nibbling! The Boy couldn't get his day started without a good ear nibble! Don't worry Butter Bean is just tasting him,not biting!Goaties have to taste everything!

Time for a little early morning King of the Log!The chickens and ducks are placing bets on who will win in the back round!

Nibbles takes advantage of her long legs! Sigh..what's a little Butter Bean to do?Don't let him fool you, he is the boss of the goat yard! Remember the old saying dynamite comes in small packages.Hairy,white,goatie smelling packages!

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Pricilla said...

Melodie-this is "Pricilla" also "Broken Teepee" did you see that you won the custom postcards?

Could you please email me at kaiminani@gmail.com so I can get your info? Congratulations!