Friday, September 18, 2009

As the Goat World Turns

I haven't watched a soap opera in many years.I shamefully admit I once had a powerful addiction to Days of Our Lives.That has got to be the absolutely cheesiest Soap ever made!Everyone on there had been dead and brought back so many times a body couldn't possibly keep it sorted out!The love triangles and who's your daddy drama!
I don't need fake drama any more,I have my own right here in the goat yard!

Nibbles and Butter Bean had a quit peaceful life in Goat Town with The Boy.Butter Bean was the handsome brother.Nibbles the sweet little sister.

Nibbles loves The Boy.She sits on his lap and nibbles on him.

She would rather sit in his lap than eat grain!

Da,da,da dum....then a new goat comes to town.A mystery woman,Doodah.

Instantly things change!

Butter Bean turns from a cute little show off to a love crazed soap opera grade lunatic!He apparently doesn't realize purse is empty so to speak.He is sure there is something in there!

He follows her around with glazed over eyes,his tongue hanging out and making little pleading grunts.Here he is trying to impress her.

She doesn't give him the time of day!She does occasionally give him a good head butt!
Doodah is in love with another.No,it is not another goat.It is......The Boy.Where as Nibbles loves The Boy,Doodah is in love with The Boy.

No one can scratch her chin the way he does!
She very loudly pines away for him!As long as she can see him some where on the farm she is quiet.She is content to just glance upon The Boy.
When she sees him start to walk away the desperate cries begin!Talk about drama!I can only take so much,I think Doodah knows this,until I holler across the house,"Go spend some time with your goat so I can have some peace!"We are hillbilly/redneck,we never go find each other to talk,we just holler loudly to each other across the house,yard,field,whatever!
To further add to the soap opera like drama of Goat World,Doodah will add a baby or hopefully two to the plot.This is our who's your daddy twist!She will tell Butter Bean they are his.He knows it can not be true.Will he blindly accept her deception and play along in hopes to finally win her love?Will he cast her aside when he sees she has born another goats kids?We'll all ponder this as we hear,"Tune in tomorrow..."
I have to go holler at The Boy to spend some time with his goat,I am getting a headache!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Now THIS was pretty darn funny!
As much as I would LOVE goats, we don't have a house for them, nor do we have adequate fencing to keep them corralled. Goats milk for cheese and soap...aahh. Wishin' and hopin'...maybe someday.

Pricilla said...

You had me spitting out my coffee!

Catherine said...

LOL (((snort)))
The last time I willingly watched a soap opera was when Laura and Scotty got married on GH (did I just give away my age or what!!), but I'd definitely tune in for "As the Goat Turns"! We're on our way out to pick up a new Billy goat today, so we may have our own drama here soon, also!

Julia said...

Way cute!! Now, I never saw a unich in any soap opera but maybe I just did not watch enough of them... And I am glad I am not the only mom yelling across our property. I think the neighbors must cringe when they see us all out and about. ;)