Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alone again

Well, we are alone again,The Boy and I.We got Hubby off to China.The Boy and I spent most of the day yesterday resting.We go in and stay at a hotel by the airport because Hubby's plane leaves around 6am and it is a long drive from our house in he wee hours of the morning to get him there early enough for all the check in stuff.Because of a lot of things,animals and such,we didn't get there until 11.I never sleep good in a strange place and Hubby had to get up at 5.We had to get up and get back to the farm to do the morning chores.I don't know about you all,but I need 9 hours of good sleep to function! So after chores we mostly rested.Hubby has been working away from us for quiet awhile,but it still makes us sorrowful when he leaves.That emotion makes a body tired and weary also,so I have found it is just best to rest the first day he is gone.

After the evening started to cool we went out and sat with the goaties.This little frog was hanging on the gate to the goat pen.

The goaties are so affectionate and fun to be around no one can be melancholy in their presence!

They have turned out to be our favorite farm animals.We used an old kiddie slide that was here when we bought the place to make them another play thing.

They are having a good time on it,especially Butter Bean and Doodah.They like head butting each other.The two of them were really carrying on earlier but I didn't have my camera then.I did get him and Nibbles latter on though.Nibbles is so sweet and docile she doesn't like head butting hard,she is just too lady like for that kind of stuff!She just gently taps Butter Bean on the head!

It is funny how they all have their different personalities and like different things from food to toys.

They are just too cute!We can hardly wait for Doodah to have her little ones,it's all The Boys talks about and he's still got 2 and a half months to go!
I don't know how any one can be unhappy after spending an hour in the goat pen.Thank you, cute gaotie goats!

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Pricilla said...

I am with you - goats are the best.

Thanks for posting my giveaway!!!