Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Working on the House

This is what our poor,ugly house looked like when we bought it.

We had vision! We could see the possibilities!The house was well built, it even has solid wood walls.Let me tell you,it is hard to drive nails into 101 year old wood to hang a picture.That stuff is hard!We have a dream of making this place into a beautifully restored home,but our time table was definitely off! It is going to take way longer,let me emphasize the way part and the longer part,than we anticipated! Hubby works in China 6 weeks at a time so my labor force is drastically reduced,especially since he is the only one who knows how to fix things! Me and The Boy started by ripping off the horrible siding that was put over the original washboard siding

and unenclosing the closed in porch.Deconstruction,that is what me and The Boy are good at!Getting it back right again,hmmm...not so good!

The porch was kind of like a sun room entry way.Facing south,in Texas.So,basically 9 months out of the year it was like a human sized solar oven,only you would probably be cooked faster.Besides,old houses have to have a porch!

Then we decide on tan with red accents and white trim.Let me tell you,that old wood was thirsty! I am beginning to think we should take Hubby's pay checks directly to the Home Depot!!

Last time Hubby was home,he got the porch rebuilt.I started painting,I was trying out some different patterns,but didn't finish.I don't know about you, but when it is over 100 degrees,I don't really care if my porch gets painted! Now I have no excuse because it is starting to cool off some,so I guess I need to get after it.

You can see we have come a long ways,but still have a long ways to go.The roof is the next big project.Hubby wants to fix the roof line a little bit.Then we want to put on a red metal roof.No,that is not a deranged laughing hyena in the yard.That is one of Hubby's mentally unstable Heelers.The reason my trees have to be in cages.
This was my shed in the back yard.I had already started tearing off a little rotten room on the front left.

Here it is now.Sorry,this pict was taken when it finally rained.It still needs a little work,but it is much nicer.I think old sheds add great character to a yard.

We will be working on this place until we are old and possibly dead! Blood,sweat and tears...isn't that what makes a home?


Pricilla said...

It's so charming! I love the new porch. Worth all the effort!

Melodie said...

Thank you Pricilla!It looks better but we still have a ways to go !