Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goats Make Good Drums

 Every evening me and The Boy try to spend time in the goat pen before it is time to  give the goaties their supper and put them to bed. It is always great entertainment! Goats have BIG personalities and you never know what will go on out in their pen.When we first go out it is chaos! Everyone comes running in case of treats because well, often there are treats! Then they kind of settle down and take their turns getting attention. One of the things that happens on  occasion is drumming. Tonight it was Nibbles who wanted to be musical....ummm..maybe I should say Nibbles wanted to be the musical instrument!
Nibbles was a bottle baby and is very close to The Boy.When she was a baby she lived in the house and slept in a clothes hamper next to The Boys bed.  She wants to be close as possible to him all the time. She really tries to sit in his lap still but she is just too big! As she and The Boy sat together tonight he was patting on her like he was playing a goat drum!
 You can see she was loving it...just sitting there chewing cud and enjoying all the patting!
  Maybe I can take them to the fair to perform and people can put change in a can for them,lol! It could help with the goat feed fund!
 Nibbles says,"Hey,I did not tell ya you could stop..."
  Back to drumming...
  "What was the Nibbles,...more drumming!?!?!"
... pat- pat- patta- pat- arms are getting tired.....
 I am not sure who is actually in charge here,The Boy or Nibbles!
A boy and his is good!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Project Done!

 You all may remember a while back I went to Navasota to the WC Mercantile and got myself stocked up on wool . I thought this merino and silk was beautiful and could not wait to spin it !
I was right, it was wonderful to spin! I think it turned out to be a lovely yarn!

I decided to make some hand warmers from this pattern, which seems to be quiet popular  because I have seen it on several other blogs. Please ignore the terrible looking farm woman fingernails! I used a bigger needle size to accommodate my more"chunky " yarn and had shorten the amount of rows for the hand and thumb area which was no big deal. I am no perfectionist and have no problem adjusting what I have to make what I want,lol!
It just so happens I have enough yarn to make a cowl to go with these which I think will go great this fall with a  denim  jacket! It is still hot as heck here but hot weather is the time to be making your cool weather stuff.   I usually always have something on my wheel and a knitting project and at least 1 or 2 sewing projects going at once!  Yes, it takes longer to finish them but that seems to be the way I operate when it comes to projects!
We are suppose to cool off this weekend and by cooling I mean the 90's instead of the 100's! AND a possibility of rain ! It is almost too much for me to hope for...sigh.

So anyone else making winter goodies?