Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dolly Doodle Report

Dolly Doodle here with an urgent cry for help!

I think something is wrong with my mom...her mind must be slipping or something because she keeps forgetting my bottle!

I diligently stand on my favorite stump and maaa as loud and long as I possibly can at the house to tell her she has forgotten to feed me my bottle but I guess she can't here me in there!

My Auntie Nibbles tells me I am on weaning and that The Mom will no longer be bringing me a nice, warm, milk filled bottle any more! I told Auntie Nibbles that weaning sounded like a horrible thing and I was far to cute for The Mom not to bring me a bottle and I might die of hunger! Auntie Nibbles assured me I would not die and that all goaties have to go through weaning...Well! I am not all goaties,I am the one and only Dolly Doodle for Pete's sake!

I mean eating hay and grain is OK to pass the time between bottles but who would want to do that all the time...not me I tell you!

When The Mom finally heard my  weak cries of total starvation she came out to the goat pen...but she forgot my bottle again! I practically had to drag my  poor, starving, wasted away to nothing, but still very cute mind you, goatie self over to her! I began frantically  checking  to see if she may have stuck my mean bottle in her pocket and forgot...

I even checked her fingers! Hey...don't judge me! You don't know how horrible and desperate this weening can make a poor starving goatie! Besides... ..humans may just have milk in their would I know I don't have fingers...

She just scratched me under my chin and told me I would have to learn to eat like a big goat if I was all that hungry!

Fine I will eat ...but I will be thinking of bottles the whole time I am gobbling down these yummy baby alfalfa pellets....

Any chance I might get a bottle to wash these down with?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Yarn Balls....

As you all know I got a spinning wheel for Christmas from my dear Hubby. He knew I had been wanting one for a long time now.Way out here there are no teachers...just me and the internet. Let me tell you all, not knowing how to do something has never stopped me before so there is know way I am not going to learn to spin! So I present to you my first two balls of yarn...

They are a little...rustic...and full of character! From what I saw on the good ole internet  they are pretty typical of the first tries so I am very happy with them! The  bobbin I  last spun has turned out much better..thinner and smoother.

I can now feel the rhythm of it...I understand the feel of the fiber through my fingers...I have to say I am already getting lost in the peaceful turning of the wheel. Time just seems to melt away as I sit there...I can't wait to try new fibers! I really can't wait to have my own fiber from my Pygoras one day! I am keeping my fingers crossed for the farm I got the girls from to have a little buck soon...the sooner I can get a buck the sooner I will have my pygora babies. All you goat people know those little bucks don't have to be very old before the know...preform their buckly duties! I guess I am just goatie goat day dreaming...but hey if a person is going to day dream about something raising goats is a pretty good subject in my book!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Win A Coat for Your Goat !!!

 Yep! You heard right! You  can win a coat for your baby goat and not just any old coat!

No sir, this one will be monogrammed with the name of your farm.... or goat... or dog, because dogs can wear them too! All you have to do is go an over and visit my friend Texan and leave her a comment! She has a great blog  so you will probably want to follow her too. I have two of these nifty little coats my self and can attest to their quality and cuteness, Texan is a cracker-jack seamstress! So just pop on over and visit her, you will be glad you did and you might even win!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ButerBean Says...

Keep your ducks in a row!

 I don't know if this blue duck  pacing back and forth  is the look out while the others sleep...

 or maybe some kind of duck nap time enforcer?

I wonder.....what do ducks dream about anyhow?