Saturday, September 25, 2010

Parade Day

 It is that time of year again and being the county seat we host the county fair and parade! Now, if you consider we have a population of 600 and something that makes the fair and parade a big deal! Here in Coldspring that means we close down a state highway for an hour so our little parade can go through town!

(just a note...the Old  San Jacinto County Jail is haunted and it  has been documented by many paranormal investigators...maybe a visit and a post on that later!)

 You may be wondering why it takes an  hour for a small town parade..well...we have the Battle of the Bands!

OK,it is just a battle of 2 bands because that is all we have in this county! It was still a great band performance!

 Sadly,our town lost but I prefere to think of it as we came in second!

  Then came the ROTC....

I could have gotten closer to the parade for better pictures but I had me a piece of shade staked out and I wasn't about to give it up for the sake of better pictures! This is Texas folks,and it is still hot here!

Then there were many shiny trucks with pretty young girls,rodeo queens past and present and all the politicians wanting to be reelected and, of course, ya gotta have a firetruck!

Cute homemade floats full of cute kiddos!

And the FFA,every small towns favorite,well, after the football team!

Then my favorite ...the  trail riders! I was particularly fond of all the mules! Don't ask me why because I don't know why...but I like mules! I would have me one if I could some how justify needing one....but, between you and me, I ain't plowing the garden with a mule no matter how cool I think they are!

I am pretty sure we had more folks on horses and in wagons than spectators!

 Most of the riders had just come of a trail ride here in our beautiful Sam Houston National Forest area...

 We had our one trick rider who did the whole parade standing on his horse!

 Was he brave or just plum  decide!

 So there you have it ,a glimpse into REALLY small town life !

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lightening Strikes Thrice

Yes, it most certainly does ! Let me tell you all about my Thursday afternoon! I was sitting here on the computer when it begins to rain...not thunder and lightening ,just a nice gentle rain.Then out of nowhere ...BOOM!!!!  It was so loud it took my mind a second to register what had happened! I ran to the back door in time to see smoke and debris floating down from the sky...lightening had struck one of the big trees ,the second closest to the house! It is about 30 or 40 feet from the house and in the goat and turkey pen! It is the one in the middle of the picture right past the well...

I ran out to check the goaties and everyone was OK, a little rattled but thankfully fine! You can see the stripe where it blew off the bark...

There was an outside light hung on this tree, it was blown to pieces!

This is the 3rd time in a little over 3 years that we have had lightening hit within a ..hmm..I'd guess about a 50 ft radius from the house! Right before we moved in lightening got another tree on the far side of the goat yard and after we had been here about a year it got the transformer on the pole about 20 feet from the house!  This time it fried my internet router, actually just the power cord, even though everything is plugged in to surge protectors, the air conditioning unit and Hubby's dog's electric fence! Oh, and blew out a breaker that goes to Hubby's shop! The AC is going to be the whopper...sigh.It will be covered under our homeowners insurance but we have a big deductible. Plus we will loose another of our lovely big trees. That is the victim  in the center of the picture...

Well, the good thing for the day was I finally was able to kill the chicken snake that had been getting all my eggs for the last week! I can't remember if this is 8 or 9 chicken snakes  for this year... apparently I live on top of some sort of electrified snake pit!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Got Kittens?

Well,we sure do! 6 little kitties to be exact!

I am a big ,big  believer in spaying  and neutering your pets! These little cuties momma, that I creatively named Kitty, was  cruelly dumped off in the woods by our house and well...ya know how it goes!

Kitty will be making a trip to the vet in a few weeks and so will all these little fur balls when they are old enough.

All farms need cats right??! I will say kitty has taken care of our mice problem in the shed and to me she has already earned her keep in doing that!

The Boy has already claimed a favorite as his and named it Charcoal...I hope we  can find homes for a few of them ...but if we can't ...oh well ...I guess they will just stay here on the farm and dine on shed mice!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

 It is catch up time once again! I have been finding it difficult to post regular these days,so I will try and catch you all up on things around the farm! Hubby is back in China so I am single woman homesteading once again. School has started back for us and this includes Fridays at a home school co-op,a new thing for us.I have to say I find it tiresome standing around watching kids all day,next year I will definitely volunteer to teach or help with a class. I don't do real good with "down time"! I am used to being busy!  I know so many of you are  getting your first taste of Fall...LUCKY ! We are still in the lower to mid 90's, factor in the heat index and well... it stinks!  I have been out every morning trying to get the Fall garden planted,it was only 70 degrees this morning when I got up,you are probably thinking that is lovely weather but the humidity was 99% ! No,that is not a type-o ,I said 99%... So far I have gotten the whole area tilled I intend to plant and the first rows I got planted are already up! 2 rows of Roma green beans and 2 rows of purple hull peas!

I side dressed them with compost provided by the ever pooping sheep! I have in 2 rows of contender green beans and  3 more rows of purple hull peas! I also have a few yellow squash I need to put out. That is it for the warm season crops,oh and the around 30 tomatoes!

I also have most of my cool season crop started in seed beds.Next month will probably be cool enough to get them out.These crops will grow all winter here,cabbage, kale, beets,collards and turnips,carrots,rutabagas, parsnips...I never have had any luck with broccoli or brussel sprouts but I may try them again any how!

A good size storm was brewing the other day,it didn't give us any rain but we got the thunder and cool wind which was nice,not as nice as if it had rained,but still nice.

This storm had an effect on the goatie girls let me tell you! They got in the mood to party! The were all running  and leaping and butting heads and running and leaping some more! It was quiet a sight to behold! The pictures don't do the event justice.

They were all fluffed out with their hair all standing on end...eventually they got tired and I picked them some yummy leaves for a snack,I figured they might need a little snack after all that running around!

Lola wanted a few scratchins too!

They turkeys are always in the middle of things,here are the Boys. They had other names but I long ago took to calling them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb! For those of you who raise turkeys out there,I know you  can understand how these names are perfect for the boys!

I  am dreaming of Fall,I hope all you are getting a taste of it already are enjoying it! As much as I want to have the coolness I want those veggies from the garden first!!! So, I guess I will endure a little longer!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I won the Battle!

It was a long hard fight....many times I despaired and thought I might not make it...but in the end I was victorious! My goodness, you may be asking, what was going on? Well,I will tell you ! I have been up to my elbows in pears once again! The first time I received pears it was about 10 gallons, this time it was 25 gallons of pears!!! A wonderful dilemma! The race was on to get all this wonderful bounty put up!

Texan has been canning pears too and she sent me some recipes she found.The first one I made was these whole spiced pickled pears....

I got 6 quarts of these...hmm...that didn't even make a dent in the pears! They are so pretty whole in the jar...something about them reminds me of Christmas...I don't know why.Then I made 14 quarts of pie filling!

Still got a ton of pears!!!! I made some spiced pickled pear chunks that are pictured above with the pie filling!

Oh yeah! The whole time I am running the dehydrator and dehydrating pear slices for snacks!

Then I get to the pear sauce...OH MY GOODNESS!!! I will never be able to eat apple sauce again with out comparing it to the pear sauce! It is so delicious! That's it, I decide, the rest of these babies are going to be made in to pear sauce,and that is just what I did! 3 and a half batches of pear sauce to finish them off! I put them all in various jelly jars because I thought that would make them the perfect snack sizes!

I did a dozen of these little jars this time I was sticking pear sauce in any thing!!! I have 4 time the amount shown here put up!

Let me tell you all,I have a lot of jars and I ran out of jelly jars! Hubby and The Boy ran up to the store and got me 2 more boxes and I used every single jar and ended up having to put the last of it in 2 pint jars! I am thrilled to have been able to put up all this wonderful pear goodness! That being said....I am so glad to be done!!!! Days and days of peeling and canning pears.....I was even putting up pears in my sleep! Seriously, I was dreaming I was canning! I couldn't escape,those pears wanted to do me in! They just didn't know who they were up against, a woman who finds a way to can everything! I love to can,even though this was slightly exhausting, and if some one showed up at my door with another  truck load of pears or anything else for that matter, I would gladly take them! is time for Fall gardening! No rest for me I tell you! Farmer's Almanac is predicting another cold wet winter for to think about getting ready for that too!

Here is you goatie goat picture for the day!  It is Harley once again, he is looking for a treat of pear peelings!

Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Get it to Rain

Rain is something we have been lacking in around here lately! If I had only know all I had to do was to try and set out my tomato plants I would have done it weeks ago!

I got about half way through and it began pouring!

Before the rain, the  ground was so hard and dry I couldn't even till it up! Hubby had to do it for me! We got over an inch of much needed rain and it looks like more is on it's way today...sigh...and some cooler temps!  I hope this means the worse is behind us...

 I will hopefully be planting some green beans and peas out there soon and starting a few cool weather seeds in side to go out later. I already put out a little batch of turnip green I started in side just to get a jump start on things.The Boy loves a mess of turnip greens!

I have a lot of black gold, compost to all you non farmers out there, this year! I have been distributing in all the raised beds and will be able to give everything in the garden this fall a good layer!

Here are some kohlrabi just sprouting! I already set out one egg carton of them in  one of the  raised beds.

Here are some asparagus I started from seed last spring,they will go out next spring to the garden.They were super easy to grow from seed,they germinated very well!

Just because he is so cute,here is Harley standing on a log trying not to get his hooves wet!

Shouldn't every post have a goatie goat picture?!?!