Friday, August 17, 2012

Life Bounces On...

If you are a follower of the goat blogs in my blog circle of friends, you know it has been a tough year with many sad, sad losses. I have to say,we have been blessed these last years. We haven't had to dig any new graves under the oak in the goat pasture until this last week.
I had  three girls I was waiting on to kid that had been bred with my Pygora buck Charlie. Tiny Zippy had her giant Snowflake with out a hitch. Minnie, possibly the sweetest goatie ever and also a pygora ,was to give me my first full pygora kids. It was not to be. She kidded during the night and had problems and I was not there to help her. From what I could tell the first kid was positioned wrong and was dead the second suffocated because she was too tired or inexperienced to clean off the birth sack or possible it was born dead also. Even sadder than loosing these beautiful kids was listing to Minnie cry for them for days. Last to kid was Daisy. Needless to say I was a little on edge about her kidding. The first was breech and dead before I got to it. The second one lived thankfully! A little buck. Here is George...

The Boy says George has a bad case of goatie monkey nose! He is actually light orange and if he had been a girl I would have named him Clementine! I am sure I am not the only one glad to see this kidding season behind us. It is part of it, but never easy. We have 4 kids in the nursery pen.

Buster insisted I take his picture! He is a ham! He looks like someone dropped ice cream on his head and it ran down his face..

It is funny how watching them jump and play can make you forget your sadness over the ones who didn't make it. Life bounces on after all,when you have baby goats to watch!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I don't think a person can ever see enough pictures of baby goats! Am I right? Yep,I thought so. You all want more baby goats! Here is your baby goat fix for today,meet Snowflake!
She is white and fluffy, but it is also hot as heck here so I think I am wishing for some cooler days, and Snowflake just seems perfect!
Her nanny is Zippy, Doodah's clone daughter. This was Zippy's first kid. As you all can see,Snowflake looks nothing like her Ma.
She looks just like her daddy,the beautiful pygora Charlie!  I have no idea if she will have woolie hair or just be a fluffy goatie but I can tell one thing and that is she is going to be lovely.
She is half as tall as her momma! I have no idea where Zippy was keeping this big kid as you could not even tell she was expecting except for a tiny milk bag. She was not extra fat at all and Zippy is an extra small goat even by dwarf standards. I though she would have a tiny kid like she was. Goats,one surprise after another! Only 2 more girls still to kid and that will be it for the year. I wonder what kind of surprises they have waiting?!?