Monday, February 21, 2011


Or  maybe it is just a pedi-pedi ! It was that time again, time for the farrier to come out and  trim hooves. Of course no critter here likes to have their toes done. Nope,not one! I know...weird huh? Here is Hubby and can see how thrilled Sweetie  looks about her impending spa treatment...

Ole Sweets did pretty good helps that our farrier has been obviously blessed with some kind of sainthood! Let me tell you, when we first got the horse and donkeys they were terrible! It took everyone of us to hold them still and Bonnie would just sit down! It takes a special kind of person to be able to work on animals like that and stay calm and patient...I have never seen him loose his cool no matter how difficult our animals have been. I guess none of our critters ever had  their feet done much before they came to our farm...

 Bonnie and Clyde are waiting their turn and looking none to pleased about it either! Bonnie thinks if she hides behind Clyde we won't notice her....

Clyde-Hyde did good too! I am so happy they are learning to act better since they will always have to have their feet done  to stay healthy.

  We were really prepared to do some  Donkey wrestling this morning and believe me we were all thrilled not to have had to! Our donkeys are sweet ,they do not bite or kick but they will step on your feet before you can get out from under them! Yes, they are small donkeys but when they are on your foot they feel like elephants! Clyde did poop on our nice farrier and he had been eating a lot of that spring green grass which has an unpleasant laxative effect...luckily he was able to dodge most of it!

 Bonnie has been our biggest trouble maker in the past but she did terrific ...well for Bonnie anyways! She didn't sit down and only lunged once. Oh, and she didn't poop on anyone so that gave her a few extra points! Next time she may act perfect. Well...we can hope anyways!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Goat Names and Farm Friend Friday.

Dumm-da-da-dumm! I now present to you... without further ado....


This is Doodah's girl ! She looks very much like her momma..

Next we have ......Scooter ....

He is a bouncy little fellow! Actually, they all are very bouncy as is the way with baby goats!

Scooter has some great markings,just look at that cute goatie face!

The third baby of Doodah's 3 Musketeers ...or maybe I should say..... goatie-keteers is Pedro..

Here is Hubby holding  Pedro..... hmmmm...Pedro seems to be the one that gets goat-toted  the most!

Now on to Nibble's baby! I wanted to call her Jethrene, after Jethro's sister on the Beverly Hillbillies because she is so much bigger than the  other 3 but The Boy wouldn't have it! He said she is far to cute to be called Jethrene!

So, she will be called  Heidi ,which is a pretty name for a pretty goat!

Well, I hope that was  a big enough  dose of cuteness to help you through your day! After all, you can never really see enough goat pictures can you?!?!?!?!

 It is also Farm Friend Friday! Just click on the photo and go over and see all the cool blogs that are playing along and hey, you might want to play along too!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh,Yeah I'll Take Another One...

Another baby goat that is! Last night Nibbles had her baby, just one this time...

 A cream and white little girl with her momma's  ears! I noticed Nibbles was showing signs of labor early in the day and  put her up in a clean stall and began watching.....

and watching...and watching! I last checked her at 10 before I went to bed and nothing, no signs what so ever that it  would be soon!  I asked The Boy to check her before he went to bed and at  11:30 The Boy sticks his head inside my door to tell me Nibbles had her baby and it was already dry and frisky!

I suspect she popped that baby out as soon as my back was turned! It was cold last night again so we had a heat lamp in the stall for her and  everything and goatie was just fine. That  is all the babies due around here for a while. Now, we get to just sit back and enjoy the antics!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hey Hay Hey !

 Oh, I don't know....I think Hubby could have fit on another bale or two don't you!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Nothing can snap me out of a blogging dry spell like some new baby goaties! Yep,Doodah had triplets again! This time there wasn't a red one like their daddy Mr.Tumnus, they are all pretty much  variances of their momma...

Ole Doodah surprised me, I miscalculated her due date and thought I had at least a week or a little more. I got to the goat pen just in time for the second ones arrival and by the time I ran to the house to holler for The Boy and grab a towel she had had the third one!

They were all strong and up on their feet in what  seemed like just a few minutes!
Two boys and one girl same as last time...sure was hoping for more girls this time around but the boys are mighty cute!

The Boy thinks this one below looks like a little  burro  and is begging to keep him! I told him he won't look like a donkey when he is big he will look like a goat and besides, Butter Bean is all the wether we need around here because, let me tell you, that goat is  a diva! We often call Mr.Bean the Elton John of the goat world,lol!

Lucky for us, with this freaky weather, we have our new Laughing Duck farm custom made goat coats! My good friend Texan made these for us and she can make  one for your kids  too! Just pop on over to her place and check them out!

Being triplets,the little girl is just a tad small so I had to take her coat up a notch with a clothes pin! She won't need it in a day or so, these little goaties grow so fast ya know!

I though I would post a couple of videos so all you goat lovers who don't have a goat or two or twenty of your own could see the new mom and her babies...

And here is on of little Burro baby talking, in all his  little new born goatie goat cuteness!