Friday, March 8, 2013

New Additions

Today, The Boy and I hopped in the truck with this mornings Doodle milk (that is milk from Dolly Doodle the goat in case your new here) and headed out for a little trip. Actually, the Boy thinks it is hilarious to call Doodle's milk "Doodle Squeezin's"...well..I think it is pretty funny too so that is what we call her milk all the time. Anyways, we are off on our little adventure, with our canning jars full of Doodle Squeezin's, to a lovely place called Kai Ranch Mohair, where we got our other new girls Maggie-O and Quigley, to pick up three new bottle babies! Yes, that's right, I said three bottle babies! I know, I know..where do I have the spare time to bottle feed?  As fast as these two suck down a bottle, it is really not going to take up much extra time to feed them! Here are the twins, a boy and a girl. They are 3 weeks old.

The girl has on the sweater. After a pit stop to feed them their .. squeezins, she was a little chilled and I just happened to take along some coats just for that reason. The temps are crazy this time of year, could be 80* ..could be 50*, and you can't trust the weatherman to get it right either.

The next one is Little Moses, and he is just 5 days old! He is very tiny and just the sweetest thing!

Always looking for a bite these bottle babies! He already has milk face from just having a bottle.
These are Angora goats. I wanted to show you a picture of May Belle my Pygora baby that is 5 weeks old, since I am showing off my fluffy babies!
May Belle is not as big as the twins, but she is very soft and fluffy.
Right now there is no knowing what type of hair she will have, Pygoras can have one of 3 different types. One thing is for sure, she will have a good time with her new woolly brothers and sister!