Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hubby's time home is coming to an end. When he is home it seems we are always in a whirlwind of activity. There's always so much to do  here on the farm. Heck,there's always a lot to do on any farm, even a small one but when your trying to create the farm at the same time that is almost chaos! For those of you who are new to my blog when we moved here a few years ago this was not a farm. It was a rundown over 100 year old house on 15 unimproved acres. We, insert hysterical laughter here, said we would have the house and land the way we wanted in 2 years! We were sooooo wrong! A big part of that is Hubby's job that takes him away more than he is home.  Things have changed for the better with that and he is supposed to be home more in the future.We are keeping our fingers crossed!   
Here is one of Hubby's adventures while he was home, sticking this rented tractor in the mud! I tell you all, if something can get stuck in the mud, Hubby is the man to do it! I have know this man since I was 16 and he is just drawn to a mudhole,  which usually means getting stuck there for various amounts of time!  Buy hey,a man needs a hobby right!?! This time he was not looking for the mud the mud kind of  came looking for him! He has been stuck in this spot before,a couple of years ago.
There is probably a spring under this area, it looks perfectly fine unless you drive over it in something heavy then you will sink like quick sand.  Notice the wheels up in the air!
 Luckily,since Hubby has been stuck a lot in his life, he is an expert at getting things unstuck!
He and the Boy had the tractor out in no time and were right back to work!
Life with Hubby,a little humor in everyday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goaties in Green

Today I let Dolly Doodle and her Doodle-etts out in the green grass. It was a lovely day but Dolly was still in that new mother stage and was not happy having her babies out in the big wide world! She didn't even take one bite of that green grass and clover! She was too busy trying to lick the fur right off those kids...
The kids enjoyed it even if it made their momma a nervous wreck! Their outing was short, I didn't want Dolly to freak out and let me tell you, that goat has had a few freak outs in her day,only because I wasn't home to put her to bed but they were wild times I have been told!
I know you all are wondering about Peanut's ears! The floppy ear did not straighten out..nope! The straight ear went floppy!
Now isn't that the cutest!

Zazzy,as I am still calling her  despite the Boy's arguments, is just pretty! The Boy doesn't like the name Zazzy but I keep saying she just looks so zazzy! The Boy says she looks  paint splattered too but he won't be naming her Splattered! I think I am going to win since I am her Grand-maaaaa! Hey, I am the only Momma Dolly ever new so I get to claim Grand-maaaa! This only furthers the Boy's prediction as me being on the road to being know as the Crazy Goat Lady. asked today if I was talking to the goats again. You all know I answered yes to that! Well, goats are as smart as dogs and they say dogs understand as much language as a toddler so the goats understand at least as much as a dog does in my way of thinking! Besides, all animals like hearing you talk sweet to them, any animal person knows that.
Zazzy and Peanut are both super sweet and come right up to me to be loved on when I go into their stall ..I don't know..maybe a dozens times a day!
Mr.Tumnus always throws sweet kids. No matter what the personality of their moms, his kids are always super sweet, especially the boys. I truly believe he has a genetic disposition for sweetness he passes on!

We are definitely in Spring here in Southeast Texas! Things are blooming and sprouting all over. These little"pinks"on my deck always make me smile. 
These came from my Hubby's late grandma. I think of her often but even more when I see flowers that came from her. I  have some red spider lilies  and jonquils that came from her also. I  love having flowers from  family members,they are a beautiful reminder of those people! I have some daffodils from Hubby's grandfather and Iris from my MIL and  some lillies from my friend Texan...I could do a whole post on the plants and flowers I have that have connections to people in my life.

I think that is a wonderful way to be remembered,don't you?

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Doodle-etts have Arrived

This morning Dolly Doodle had her kids,the Doodle-etts! 
Dolly had a beautiful black and white little girl yet to be named.

Actually, I wanted to call her Zazzy but The Boy would not agree! I think she looks quiet Zazzy...
 Kid #2 is a little buck. He looks white in the pictures but is actually white and light tan. I hope his tan parts darken because his color pattern is very pretty also. He is named Peanut! Peanut has a ...umm...slightly..umm..let's just say he has a lot of character in his ears!
He has one Mr.Tumnus, Dwarf Nigerian ear and one floppy Dolly Doodle ear! I have never seen this happen before...maybe the floppy ear will straighten out?
I put on their kid coats,we are having pleasant temps but the nights are chilly and since they are just born a little extra snugly warmth can't hurt!
I have to throw in this shot of Daisy looking in Dolly's stall. The look on her face,she looks like she is saying,"Did you see what fell out of Dolly?" Daisy was the last kid born so this was the first time for her to see any babies born. She stayed and watched for a long time. I know this because I stayed and watched for a long time too!
So that was the excitement for today! Of course, future post will be full of cute kid pictures. After all,you can never see too many pictures of baby goaties!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Natural Yarn Dyeing

Last time I dyed yarn it was with logwood purple. I had enough left over to do another batch but I had to wait till I got some more yarn spun up. This time I thought I would try  adding cream of tarter to my alum mordant to see what changes it would bring to the color. I also wanted to try making some self striping yarn. Self striping yarn is easy peasy and fun! This is what you  do...
just divide the yarn in to jars of different colors ! I also did one of without stripes.The colors with the cream of tarter are brighter and crisper than the yarn I did without.
I am very happy with how they turned out! I can't wait to try some more natural dying!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time Marches On....

How the time flies when you have children. This is a fact that always amazes me and makes me a little sad. I want more time with my Boy...I want the days to be longer,time to slow down...sigh. Don't get me wrong,I am super proud of the outstanding young man he has become it just happened so darn fast!  The Boy turned 15 a few weeks ago. 15! Hubby showed me these pictures he had this morning. The first one is nearly 5 years ago as they played darts in Hubby's workshop....
This one is last night. Father and son at their never ending game of darts! The score must be in the millions by now,lol!

Makes my heart warm to see that my Boys get on so well with each other. I am blessed!

Friday, February 10, 2012


  I know, I know , it has been awhile! It seems like I get out of blog land for a week and it takes me forever to get it back in my routine. So I guess it is catch up time in a quick sort of way!

The slump started when I  had a few health biggie. I just switched meds and I was prepared for a little feeling bad while my body transitioned. I have Hashimoto's Auto Immune Thyroiditis, I have had it for years.  I have been on synthetic meds from the beginning and they are less than perfect and I was ready to change to a natural thyroid replacement.  I went through a time of chronic fatigue and severe joint pain but as I adjusted the  new meds  my body adjusted to them it eased up and now I feel better than I have in years and it just keeps getting better!
Then Nanna and Popaw came to visit for the Boy's 15th birthday! My baby is 15! I can hardly believe it...where has the time gone...sigh. Then Hubby came home the day after and  of course you all know it is non stop busy when he is home! Plus, the weather has been so good! We are back to our normal temps and OH MY how could I forget the rain! We have had rain and rain and more glorious RAIN! The lake is full and the spillways are open ,the river is high and the ponds are full! Hallelujah!!!

 I have been spinning! I made some beaded core spun and really like it and had fun doing it! This brown and gold and green and copper....
and this blue and green...
The spring flowers are a bloomin'! Iris and daffodils and some early fruit tress which is disappointing because we are supposed to get a hard freeze tomorrow night .There will be no fruit on those trees this year.
The  chard is doing great in our lovely weather! That is some kale in there beside it...
The ducks are loving the green grass! Can you see them?

I have the hillbilly hot house going again this year! Cattle panel, plastic and duct tape....hey,laugh if you want, it works great!
 The tomatoes seedlings are doing good this year...

Can you guess what that little sprout is in that middle pot? A baby purple asparagus plant! If you have the patience to wait for them to grow a couple years,growing asparagus from seed if a very money saving way to get a big bunch of asparagus going! I have started some 3 years in a row from seed and they germinate very well and  do great as little plants.

 Got my seed taters cut and drying to go out soon.I am doing the above ground cages this year for my taters.

I also made some more pineapple pickles this week since the grocery had them for $.99!  I love these things and I can not pass up that kind of deal! I used my Tattler lids and  so far so good with those.I also used those cute Better Homes& Gardens jars. I have several boxes of them and like them because they are cute but they are fat and my I have to fit one less in my canner because of it. I have a small canner and if it is something that is boiling water bathed, like these pineapples, that is no big deal but if it is something I have to pressure can for and hour or more I want all the jars in there I can fit! I still like them.I will just save them for  small batches or goodies I don't have to pressure can.
That is all the catch up for now! We have lots of things going on around the farm while Hubby is home so hopefully there will be some interesting things to post on and of course Dolly Doodle will be having kids soon so we are all excited about the! and The Boy are anyhow!

Before I go, I want to give a big Congratulations to my friend Deb at Dakota Goats who just got a brand new grand daughter! She is counting sweet little fingers and toes and getting to snuggle that sweet baby girl...sigh.