Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Still get Surprised Now and Again

Right before I left on my little trip I got a surprise from Sweet Pea. Now you all have to understand Sweet Pea is a very, very...let's put it politely, round goat. The last week I was thinking she was even out doing herself in the roundness a little. So the day of the surprise I was out checking on everyone in goatie land like I do several times a day because you never know what mischief those goats have gotten themselves into. All you goat people are nodding your heads right now I know! Any ways , she wanted back in her stall so that made me a little suspicious.  After all, it was not like Sweet Pea to  be wanting back in  during prime grazing time. She didn't get that full figure by hanging out in the barn all day! I let her in her stall and made a mental note to come back out soon and check again.When I did  sure enough she had a kid about a third of the way out and stuck with it's feet behind. 
Well, I tugged it out and  started working on it as it was having a tough time getting started. I finally get it to breathing sort of regular and look over and danged if there was not another bigger head sticking out with no legs again. I tried to reposition it but there was just no doing it. So quick prayers were said that I could get it out with out breaking it's neck. It was looking at me and that really made it a bit worse.  After a little work, that seemed like forever but was only a minute I am sure, the second one was out and OK. Whew!  So I am thinking that day Mr.Tumnus broke out and had a big ole fun time in the girls pasture was when these two were made. Yes, I know you all are asking, How could you not know she was expecting?! Well, like I said she is exceptionally round and she was still letting her grown daughter snack everyday so she had a milk bag. Some goats are just like that on not weaning. She is the only one we have like that here though. This is her right after kidding when she should be all sunken in.Yeah right,not Pea! She is normally twice this fat or more,lol!
If there is one thing I have learned it's that something on the farm is always going to happen unplanned!
So here are my little surprises...
Total goatie cuteness I know! This is the first one,a little girl...
The Boy named her Popsicle,lol! She is our first baby ever to have wattles!
The second, and much larger one is named Buster. He looks like something dropped on his head and ran down his face! Buster also has on white shoes!
They are both very sweet and tame. Sweet Pea is a good momma. She hates all other goats and will try to pound them to mush or even bite them but she loves her babies more than any goat we have ever had. I am not surprised that she is the one who snuck in a date with Mr.Tumnus!
Thankfully it all worked out ! I will take these kind of surprises any day!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I went and spent a few fun filled "girl" days with my friend Texan. We shopped and had a good time! We have decided that we are going to make some of our own clothes so we hit every shop in town that had material and patterns,lol! We are both sort of new to sewing clothes,we have both done it but not enough to feel confident so it was really fun to be able to look at stuff together and  have another woman's opinion!  We came back to my house and had our second class on chemical free bee keeping. I think there are a couple of gals who will have their own bees come next spring! She also made Jack a toy because her new big ole furry baby, Keeper, has one and loves it. Well,sure enough Jack loved his too!

That is the face of a happy pup if I have ever seen one!
He is still slinging that around this morning!
This is a great toy!
Jack sends a big Woof of thanks to his Auntie Texan!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

There is no Critter I Won't Duct Tape

What is that strange creature in the distance you ask? I present you all with another creation  of a fed up farm woman!
This is Dolly Doodle. The Doodle that gets her head stuck every. single. day. in the fence. She is  the only goat that does this here on the farm and I'd just had enough this morning!
So desperate times call for desperate duct taping! You all may remember the duct taped chicken straight jacket episode. 
Dolly  is a very good goat and an excellent milker but we have to face facts..she is dumb as a stump. Now, I know all goats get their heads stuck from time to time, it is the Goatie Way. Many a farmer has stood,scratching their head and wondering how a goat did something. It is the Goatie Way and there is no explaining it except maybe it is like the Force in Jedi .
So anyways, everyday with a stuck head is a little much and there is.. well.. more to the story...
(that is Daisy looking at the camera. Doesn't she look like she is embarrassed to be seen with Dolly?)
.... every time Dolly gets her head stuck her  giant son Peanut, comes running to drain the milk bar. You all know how these momma goats hate not controlling the milk bar! But that is not he worse part, the worse part would make anyone think she would stop getting her head stuck...Jack being a 6 month old male puppy..well you know..starts in with a little trans species loving..ya know just for fun! Yes, the summer of 2012 hump fest...between Jack and would think that would make her run from the fence and have goatie night mares! (Sorry folks,no pictures of that!)  It is sure giving us nightmares from watching them! OK maybe not nightmares so much as  hysterical fits of laughter.So I decided enough was enough and turned to my trusty animal behavior modification kit! Duct tape being the main tool in my kit and this time a piece of PVC pipe. You all may think this  was easy. Yeah right. It was not! The Boy had to hold/wrestle her while I had to try and tape this to her horns. I have seen folks wrangle gators easier than it was for us taping this piece of pipe  to Dolly's horns !
Dolly spent the whole morning behind the barn hiding in shame..yeah this shames her but not being drained by her overgrown kid and being humped by a giant dog all the while with her head stuck in the fence. Dumb as a stump I tell ya! But that is OK she is still one of my favorites despite her lack of IQ points.   Jack will be seeing the vet in a few weeks for a little snip snip but that only cures half the problem and really, if Dolly wouldn't get her head stuck everyday Jack would not be able to take advantage of her like that. So for now Dolly will have to wear my version of a goatie dunce hat!
Once again..Duct Tape Saves the Day!!