Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am  still here..just super busy! I will be back when I finish getting the garden put in....Happy Spring everyone!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hey everyone! My friend, Texan, has got her ETSY shop open! It is My Suite Retreat. She has some really cute stuff in there like this...

and this....

and this...

and this !

I can testify to the quality of her work because  she makes me stuff, I have best girlfriend benefits ya know,lol! You won't find better anywhere,seriously! She used to make her living sewing  so the girl knows her stuff let me tell ya! Yes, she is my best friend but that would not make me be dishonest about her work.  You will  be thrilled with anything you buy from her! So, click on over and check out My Suite Retreat and see all her great stuff!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peanut Doodle

Hi! It's me, Peanut.....Peanut Doodle, son of Dolly Doodle!
I am here to talk to you today about a very serious condition. It is called GCEOHCD. That stands for Goaties Compulsively Eating off the Human's Clothing Disorder. I have been told by my Grand-maaaa that I suffer from this hereditary  condition. She says there is a good side to this...condition, it is always accompanied by extreme friendliness. Well, yeah! A goatie with this condition has to be friendly! How else could he get to the source of his compulsion if he wasn't! 
I know you all are wondering about this disorder of mine...well...it's  simply that I must eat off the peoples clothes! I can't help it ! They are just soooooooo good and  I must do it! I must, I must, I must!
As soon as I see my people I run to them as fast as I can and get a mouthful of clothes....and I chew and suck till they are soggy and I can't stop! I do not want to stop! It 's soo ..good...mmmm.mmm...mmmm....
My Grand-maaa says she has lost many clothes to this disease because eventually  GCEOHCD  progresses from sucking to biting her clothes full of holes.

Grand-maaa also says she has retrieved many a cud covered pajama drawstrings from the gullets of  GCEOHCD  baby goats. She says,"Yeah..it's even grosser than it sounds.." I have not had pajama strings but I have had camera strings and they are oh so yummy!
My sister, Zazzy, also suffers form GCEOHCD  as you can see...
The Boy says maybe we are were-goaties! We do like to attack our prey but we aren't were-goaties  because we do not need a full moon to devour the clothes off humans!

There is no cure for GCEOHCD. The only thing that can be done is to start a fund for Grand-maaa some new clothes. If you would like to donate..Zazzy and I prefer cotton....just sayin'!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

At Long Last

I have a Pyrenees! Meet Jack!
 He is a 6 week old ball of fluffy cuteness!
A friend and neighbor has been helping me look for several months. She actually found me two leads before this that didn't work out.
 Today she called me to let me know she had found a flyer right here in town with puppies for sale. They weren't exactly in town...we drove waaaayyy out deep in the woods to get to where they were. I just love having GPS on my phone, you know, for when I have to find my way out of deep in the woods!
He is sleeping at my feet as I write this. I know he is supposed to be in the goat pen but he is little,which won't last for long, and some of the goats are mean and could hurt him right now. Sweet Pea ,who was obviously named wrong. She should have been name something like "Jack Hammer" or "Pound-You-To-A-Greasy-Spot"....and Butter Bean just because he is a Diva and doesn't like anyone getting in on his attention! Bean will give any lesser creature a good flinging if they get too close. He can use those horns just like a catapult!

I knew on the way to get him we would get a boy and he would be called Jack. The named seemed right even before we saw him. Funny how that is sometimes. The Boy is in love as to be expected with boys and dogs.

I am going to scoop up Jack and we are going  off to feed the goats....