Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Midnight Express

No,my friends,this is not a story of a train. It is however,a story of a goat. I know big surprise on this blog,lol! my own personal Midnight Express....Sweet Pea!

I know you are wondering why I am calling this tiny goat the Midnight Express.Well,let me tell you all the story!

Long about midnight,see the connection starting to form already,The Boy burst in to my  room and says Sweet Pea is in labor.When I say burst I am not exaggerating,like to gave his ole Ma a heat attack! For one thing,The boy never gets in a hurry for anything.That is just his personality.I have rarely seen him get past a mosey along! His nick name in T-ball, years ago, was 90 Year Old grandma! He was the only kid that would walk the bases and then stop and yawn between second and third with everyone yelling the whole time for him to run! On the plus side,he has no temper.You can hardly make The Boy mad! Now see, I have gotten off track! My mind just bounces around like that! Back to the story of the Midnight Express...
So I get up and stumble out side grabbing an old towel from the box that I save them in just for goat birthing time. Soon as I open the door I hear Sweet Pea screaming like a freight train.  See more connections with trains! Good grief she was hollering! That didn't sound well. She was due last Sunday and my long time readers will remember she is the money goat. I say the money goat because, in a matter of mental lapse  according to my Hubby, I paid for her to have a goatie c-section when her first kid was so big it got stuck. She came to our farm bred so who knows what went on there. Any way...she was screaming and pushing and not making any progress. I could see she was having trouble.Waiting is hard in these situations. Finally a little hoof appeared! I felt around a little to make sure the kid was in the right position and thankfully it was! So I began to gently pull the legs....nothing..gentle tugging became more aggressive tugging. All the while Sweet Pea was licking my leg between screams like she knew I was helping and was thankful for it. Pea is not an affectionate goatie so this was a little surprising. Eventually and what seemed like forever but was in reality  only a few minutes I was able to get the head out! She a a big baby girl! This is Harley's daughter who has gone to his new herd of 10 girls! So here is the Midnight Expresses delivery,Little Big Head!  She will get a real name soon,but considering how her big head almost kept her out of this world Little Big Head seems to fit for now!

I was hoping she would have Harley's beautiful color but it was not to be. She has the longest hair of any kid we have had here though! Mother and daughter are doing well this morning! Just in case you didn't know baby goaties are one of the hardest things next to Big Foot to get a picture of! I took around 30 pictures and had about 5 that were not blurry! They just cannot be still!

She has no real name yet. It usually takes us a few days to pick out just the right name for our kids. Feel free to make suggestion if you want!

So the moral of today's story...screaming goats with over sized babies at midnight....oh heck, there is no moral! Except maybe,I will need a nap today for sure!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ya just never know...

That is one of my life mottos. It is usually spoken with a slow,country accent and a scratch to the head! That is how it was this morning.You all know how it is when you are going about your quiet routine and there is like a huge elephant in the room and you don't even notice it until you are standing nose to trunk with it? Meet my elephant!

No....I do not own any enormous  Texas Longhorn steers or Belted Galloway cattle! It was so funny because I was out doing chores for several minutes before I noticed this little herd quietly munching away not a hundred feet from me. I blame it on weak morning coffee!
Sorry the pictures are a little hazy,South Texas humidity and all fogging up the lens! Well ,you can bet my heart skipped a beat,maybe two! That fence he is behind is meant to keep chickens in not steers out!Oh and that fence is over 5 foot tall in case you were wondering!

It only took a minute to figure out this was a gentle giant,someones pet. No, he did not push over the fence,the bighorn sheep we used to have back there did that.
I almost fell in love with these little "Oreo' cows which come to find out were a mix of Dexter and belted Galloway.Ummm..actually that one above is a bull!
The gate to this pasture was open,that's how they got in,so Hubby went and closed it so they would not get out in the road.Then he called the sheriff to report them and that we were keeping them up. At that time no one was missing them yet,but I knew someone would they were to tame and well fed to be just everyday range cows.

In just a few hours the owners came and got them. Because that pasture has not been grazed this year it has tall dead grass so that is why they came here. As everyone knows the state of Texas is about burnt off the face of the Earth so there is no grass anywhere. I am sure glad we sold our few cows last winter!
I was right ,these were pets and all had names and would come when called so it was easy for the owners to get them back home. I tell you all, I do not know why I ever start thinking life is getting boring!