Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Trio is Named

Name picking is hard!

So with out further delay I present you with...


Lola...she was a show girl.. with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.....get out of my head Barry Manilow! But really, her name is Lola...she works at the Goata, goata-cabanna....I know I have to stop but I can't!  Dang you Barry!

and right about here is where my camera went dead! The last little buck is named Bo Diddly! Yeah,one of the boys should be Rico and the other Tony..but since we are selling the boys it seems a shame to break up the trio....

What I got a few shots of  before I went to take pictures of baby goaties were this clematis that is intermingled with one of my old fashioned roses.

 The rose is apricot and has a lovely scent.It is getting ready to burst forth with  a hundred blooms I think!

This is just some stuff i have around the base...

There is some yarrow...old fashioned Pansy..a few baby lime basil and a baby yellow echinacea  .Oh,and a lizard hunting Weenie Dog!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Win The Bet !

I am the best goatie fortune teller! Doodah had triplets! The Boy is not disappointed to loose this bet, he had bet on twins! He now owes me a milk shake! Yep , we are high rollers around here!

 The first one is like his daddy red and white and is quiet a bit bigger than the other two...Mr.Tumnus is forming a pattern here with his kids, a gigantic redish and white buck in each batch!

The next one was this jet black little girl with a white dot on her forehead. She is the smallest and  for some reason I could not get an unblurred picture of her.

The last one was a gorgeous tri colored little buck! He is brown and white spotted with black socks!

Goodness I wish he had been a doe!

These are not the best pictures,hopefully I will get some better ones later! We got home just in time  today to hear Doodah hollering and to get her moved over to the barn and comfy..well as comfy as labor can be!

All the babies were very frisky and nursed and babies are napping now.Doodah is a great mom...she went right to taking care of the trio!

I know this is short and with not very good photos...I had to show you all the new goaties..I have been swamped this week with endless trips to town...2 hour round trip  plus the time we are there.It doesn't take many of those kind of days to get me hopelessly behind! So I am tryin' to swim up stream in a river of way behind! The good news is,besides the new goaties,that Hubby should be home next week! He has been gone longer than what we had expected this time so we be especially excited to see him! So here's to new goaties and returning Hubby's and hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Boy

The Boy would like me to tell any of you who follow him that he has been trying to post but blogger has been eating ,digesting and...well..ya know to his post! So, he will have it figured out soon I hope...I need him too because he is going to have to know how to help me if it starts happening on my blog! He is his poor, computer illiterate Momma's geek squad!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Premature Goat Watching

You all know how it think the time is getting near for your goat to have her babies and you start watching for those little signs.The longer it takes the more you watch,and look and feel...waiting.

I kept asking The Boy,seen here in these cute goatie pictures,

if he was sure Doodah was due on the 8th...

Yeah,Mom..I am sure...

Then yesterday he says he checked his goat journal and that he was wrong and she has to somewhere around the 23rd! Kids !!!! And I don't mean the goatie kind!

Doodah is huge! I can't believe she still has that long to go ..I have been checking her tail ligs and they are still thick so I guess she does have a while yet...

She was none to thrilled about me getting these pictures,as you can tell from the look she was giving me, and  tried to waddle-run herself  away from me! Ha ha ..I can run faster that a fat goat!

I do apologize about the butt shots but you can only truly appreciate her girth from the back!

I keep asking The Boy if he is feeling like he is going to loose our bet that she is just having twins,I say at least 3! Well...I guess we will just have to wait a while longer yet to see who is the best goatie fortune teller!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Goatie Sunday

 What better way to spend a  restful Sunday afternoon than in the goat pen watching the goatie goat antics of Hoss and Tube Sock!

 They love to try and climb the big old oak trees!

This is Tube Sock in mid air,he just jumped off the side of the tree! He needs a little cape..Super Tube Sock to the rescue! If he actually had a cape his brother would just eat it! You can see him trying to eat his momma's collar...

Nibbles tries to lay down for a snack but she gets no peace and quiet because the Boys quickly run over for a bite of her yummy hay! There is hay all around but none of it is as good as the exact bite their Mom has!

Nibbles is a good mom but sometimes a mom just needs a little break and she gives up on resting and leaves them to the hay pile!

They are cute,mischievous,and funny! I guess that is the way it is with all boys, both human and gaotie !

I know everyone out there loves goatie here is a new one A Goats View of Eden Hills .It is written by a lovely goat named Millie Ann Saanen . So go over and check her out,you'll be glad you did!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Back

Yes,I know ,I have been away  for awhile! I have been under the weather  and when you homestead certain things have to get done no matter what so blogging was put on the back burner.  I am one of those people who never go to the Dr....never! I will my self out of pure, stubborn, hardheadedness  not to get sick! A germ doesn't dare invade my body! So ...I have been toughing it out,my problems are not of the germ nature though.I have had the most terrible hay fever know to man! I have made an appointment withe the Boy's allergist ,there is no way I can live in South East Texas with out some allergy help.The  allergy drops have worked wonders for The Boy so I might as well give them a try as much as I hate to give in and admit surrender and actually go to the Dr.! My other problem,yeah there's another one,is I have been walking around looking like Frankenstein! My neck is completely and agonizingly locked up! This has been an ongoing thing that I have always toughed out but with all the farm work,50 lb feed bags,100 lb bales of hay,animal wrestling,garden tilling,..ect..ect..., has flared up worse than ever!This neck thing started about 10 years ago ,we were in a horrible accident and my Hubby's neck was broken in 2 places! So I have started visiting a chiropractor....sigh! I will admit he is doing wonders for me.

I have not been laying around doing nothing though! Like I said, things have to get done! I got almost all the garden planted and the seeds are coming up good! Sorry,no picture this morning of that.I got all my hot house seedlings in the ground...I went a little overboard on the tomatoes, 60 plants in the garden plus another 7 up by the house.I may have went over board on winter squash too.....I can't help it it is an addiction I tell you! Too bad weeding isn't an addiction,I hate that part and always have a healthy crop of weeds mixed in! I also got the hot house taken down.

I got one more short raised bed done and half of my deep long raised bed done. These are the plants I still have left to get planted from the hot house once I get this bed finished.

It is beautifully green here!

Sweetie,Bonnie and Clyde graze happily on the lovely grass!

It has been a long time since they have had the luxury of yummy grass because of the drought and heatwave we had last year.

My irises are starting to bloom! They are one of my favorite flowers,I love all the old fashioned flowers!

This is one of the red frizzled bannies. Look how it's feathers are growing!

The goatie boys are doing great! They are so tame and sweet.They run right up to the door of their pen for some head scratchins! Hoss is  looking for a snack!

When he learns my finger is empty he tries Tube Sock's ear!

 You can tell in this picture the big size deference in the two!  Still nothing from Doodah.She is over due now by a day.She looks ready to explode if you ask me! Me and The Boy are having a bet on how many are in there! He thinks 2, I say 3! She needs to hurry up so we can settle this bet on who is the best goatie fortune teller!

 I am looking forward to visiting everyone and seeing what you all have been up too while I was gone!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Boy

As a lot of you know The Boy writes a blog for our ever so cute Butter Bean, A Day in the Life of  Da Bean. He is having his very first giveaway! He is giving away a cute little Butter Bean like stuffed goatie! In typical blog fashion all you have to do is leave him a comment! You can get some extra entries too if you like! So, please, go over and show some support for a super blogging kid or maybe I should say  blogging is a cute blog either way and guaranteed to make you smile!

Achoo! Thank You and Achoo!

Sorry I have not been in blog land land the last few days,I have Spring fever but not the good kind...hay fever! I have so much to do  and all I can actually do is sneeze! Not a normal  achoo,noooo...something akin to a rapid fire,whole body ,a dozen at a time, seizure like  fits of sneezing! So much so that I think I may have some sort of hay fever whip neck is killing me!  OK, enough whining!

I am actually posting to say a big ole THANK YOU to Joanna at BooneDocksWilcox. I won one of the prize boxes in her giveaway celebrating her new baby goats! She now has six bouncy baby goaties at her place and each one is so adorable you will not be able to pick a favorite!

So let me show you my wonderful goodies!

It was like the Easter bunny paid me a visit!

It was all packed in Easter basket grass full of little candies..

So much cute stuff and, of course,The Boy claimed the cookie! I barely got a picture of it before he scarfed it down!

This chicken just cracked me up..

And it had a butt full of candy!!!!

I also got the pass along book to sign,read and pass along to another blogger.I guess I will have to have a little giveaway soon to pass it along! I forgot to flip the picture so it is sideways!

That is all for now..I had better get off here before the sneeze splatter shorts out my computer! Yeah,I know..Gross!