Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Back

Yes,I know ,I have been away  for awhile! I have been under the weather  and when you homestead certain things have to get done no matter what so blogging was put on the back burner.  I am one of those people who never go to the Dr....never! I will my self out of pure, stubborn, hardheadedness  not to get sick! A germ doesn't dare invade my body! So ...I have been toughing it out,my problems are not of the germ nature though.I have had the most terrible hay fever know to man! I have made an appointment withe the Boy's allergist ,there is no way I can live in South East Texas with out some allergy help.The  allergy drops have worked wonders for The Boy so I might as well give them a try as much as I hate to give in and admit surrender and actually go to the Dr.! My other problem,yeah there's another one,is I have been walking around looking like Frankenstein! My neck is completely and agonizingly locked up! This has been an ongoing thing that I have always toughed out but with all the farm work,50 lb feed bags,100 lb bales of hay,animal wrestling,garden tilling,..ect..ect..., has flared up worse than ever!This neck thing started about 10 years ago ,we were in a horrible accident and my Hubby's neck was broken in 2 places! So I have started visiting a chiropractor....sigh! I will admit he is doing wonders for me.

I have not been laying around doing nothing though! Like I said, things have to get done! I got almost all the garden planted and the seeds are coming up good! Sorry,no picture this morning of that.I got all my hot house seedlings in the ground...I went a little overboard on the tomatoes, 60 plants in the garden plus another 7 up by the house.I may have went over board on winter squash too.....I can't help it it is an addiction I tell you! Too bad weeding isn't an addiction,I hate that part and always have a healthy crop of weeds mixed in! I also got the hot house taken down.

I got one more short raised bed done and half of my deep long raised bed done. These are the plants I still have left to get planted from the hot house once I get this bed finished.

It is beautifully green here!

Sweetie,Bonnie and Clyde graze happily on the lovely grass!

It has been a long time since they have had the luxury of yummy grass because of the drought and heatwave we had last year.

My irises are starting to bloom! They are one of my favorite flowers,I love all the old fashioned flowers!

This is one of the red frizzled bannies. Look how it's feathers are growing!

The goatie boys are doing great! They are so tame and sweet.They run right up to the door of their pen for some head scratchins! Hoss is  looking for a snack!

When he learns my finger is empty he tries Tube Sock's ear!

 You can tell in this picture the big size deference in the two!  Still nothing from Doodah.She is over due now by a day.She looks ready to explode if you ask me! Me and The Boy are having a bet on how many are in there! He thinks 2, I say 3! She needs to hurry up so we can settle this bet on who is the best goatie fortune teller!

 I am looking forward to visiting everyone and seeing what you all have been up too while I was gone!


Nekkid Chicken said...

They are so precious, I was looking about here too, its gorgeous greens everywhere.

I understand your neck issues. And you are right, farm work doesn't allow for vacations or laying about mending.

Take care

Pricilla said...

Feel better!
The kids are adorable as they always are...
Can't wait for the new ones. Pricilla is due any day now.

goatmilker said...

So sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Will keep you in my prayers. The goats are so cute. It is starting to get so green here to . I love it! Have a great day. Rebekah

the wild magnolia said...

Thanks for taking a few minutes to update us. We understand time off. It's ok, but you are missed.

Great pictures and I'll say you have been busy enough. Things are popping up and growing good.

The bannies are a hoot. Baby boy goaties are sweet as pie. Wonder what Doodah is waiting on. Three babies, is that possible?

Good job Texas gal.

Feel betters are on the way.

Ya'll have a great weekend.

Teresa said...

Hope everything gets to feeling better. I agree about avoiding doctors, but sometimes it just can't be helped. I am very impressed with all you've gotten done in the garden with the allergies and stiff neck. I'm just getting started with mine.

Texan said...

For someone not feeling well my gosh girly... you are getting a ton done...

I really like your brick you used for your low raised sure makes a pretty framed bed!!

Yep I went nuts on the tomatoes too.. and winter squash...

Good your going for allergy help...Texas is wicked on people with allergies!

rox said...

Hi Melodie ! I feel very yucky right now drained and sick from house hunting & maybe overrun too but also feel so happy when I see Your pics and all the beauty we have around us . so I guess we can be both kinda blah but overall content .
I think contentedness is exactly that , even in the storm we are at peace ;-)
I took Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats out from our library ( I couldn't believe they actually had it ) I am even convinced we should start with a dwarf goat until we get to the country . We have all the settings here all ready.
anyway I am glad I popped in this evening .
Thanks for the uplift

Life with Jack n Jill said...

Wow! 60 tomato plants! Just the planting must have taken you a long time! I like your beds, cool idea.
Allergies, yep, bad time of year, I can't take shots, so Dr gave me some nose stuff and it plugged me up really bad. I know what you mean about going to the Dr., I always wait til I am at death's door.
Love your little goats! Pretty flowers! I hope your neck gets to feeling better, yep, a chiropractor can be very helpful!
Have a good day!

polly's path said...

glad you are back. I had a bad case of allergies last year resulting in hay fever, so I feel for you. I ended up having to take steroids for 2 months and shots. I am the same way-no doctor for me.
The goat babies are precious, and I am glad they are doing so well. Doodah needs to hurry up!

DebH said...

Take care of you, and rest up. Sounds like you didn't slow down too much, and I know that ach in the neck thing all too well also. Seems it can realy create havok on the entire system too. Spring definitely landed at your place. It just looks gorgeous green!! It will be fun to hear how many babies you do get, so very anxious to hear!!
I only noticed tonite that we have had a sprout of at least an inch of green FINALLY. Also the meadowlarks are making their presence known. THAT is the true arrival of spring here!