Monday, May 2, 2011

It is getting to be that time of year again,the time I love,canning time! I really can things year round,like chicken,broth,soup and things I find on sale at the grocery store, but  I just love when the garden starts making! Oh, it is just a little bit right now but soon it will be lots! One thing I canned the other day for the very first time was spiced pickled beats from my garden!
I like to put things that only one person will eat in single serving jars. Only I eat beets. Ever heard the expression faster than greased lightening? Well that is how fast my boys run if you mention beets! I love beets,they have that nice dirt flavor and I love dirt! Not to eat it of course but I love the smell of it fresh turned,to sink my hands in it,to walk barefoot across the coolness of it....sigh....and the growing things in it too.  I am just an earthy woman what can I say,lol! I guess the right way to say beets taste like dirt is to say they are earthy!
I have also frozen a  gallon bag of sliced and battered yellow squash...because squash needs to be  fried or it's just too healthy!

And  canned 6 pints of green beans and frozen 2 gallon bags of turnip greens! Oh, the tomatoes are so close to getting ripe I can almost taste them!
 Of course,in true southern fashion,the biggest ones have already been fried!
The peppers are starting to make...this one is a chili..
I thought I would show you my Clary sage in bloom. Isn't it lovely!

It is a very useful medicinal plant and easy to grow.If you would like to read more about it here in a link.  So, are you canning anything yet?