Saturday, September 12, 2009

The nerve of some people!

While I was permanently closing a gate between our dog neighbors place and ours today,the old man came over and told me he didn't know why we were so mad!His dogs were only playing with our livestock!Can you believe this!When I told him he better keep his dogs off our place he told me he wasn't going to make any effort to keep them up they were roaming loose way before we lived here!So I called my friend who is a justice of the peace,only person I know with legal knowledge, and ask her what my rights were.She told me I could shoot them if they were attacking,but not just for roaming.She said I should file a report with the Sheriff's office and animal control.We have a law in our county against free roaming dogs.They are only misdemeanors though,but they will have to go to court.I guess that is something,not what I was hoping for though.What is a person supposed to do in situations like this????


Anonymous said...

what did he say about his dogs hurting Sir Loin?

Melodie said...

He was very mad,you know how the Boy is about his animals.He is packin' heat every time he leaves the house!