Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Day

Yesterday was a hard day,but it wasn't a sad one and that is a blessing! Sir Loin has a gash/bite mark on one leg,but he should be fine.My post was angry but I decided not to remove it.This is about our life on this farm and like it or not these are things most homesteaders have to deal with.Most of us can't afford a thousand acres to put our house right in the middle of,so we have to deal with neighbors.Often these people have no respect for other people or their property.They don't care about the blood,sweat and tears you have put into your place and stock.Small homesteaders feel this even more because our flocks are usually small and we know each individual animal.Our animal are also part of our lively hood,income and food for our families.People who let there dogs roam claim they care for them but these animals get hit by cars,shot and disease ridden.I say these people are just too lazy and careless to actually have concern about these animal,so how can you expect them to care about your property and animals.It is not my job to police others dogs and I am sure not going to let them destroy and maim my animals!Enough about that!

The boy and me got the sheep moved last night into a holding pen and started a fence,we'll have to finish it this morning.This is Charger and Angry Eyes.Sea Salt's head looks like it is attached to Charger's behind!

It will be temporary until Hubby gets home.Me an The Boy just aim to hold things together with spit an bailing wire 'til Hubby makes it home!Our expertise are more in the demolition department than the fixin' department!You can see Weed Wacker in this one,she is the farthest one.

The turkeys will be hard to move.Well not the turkeys but their pen.We will do it!Me and The Boy are experts at dealing with disasters!It seems like every time Hubby leaves we will soon have one!The Good Lord must be testing us for endurance or something!I remember the first time he went to work overseas after he was out of the Navy.He was not even gone one day and the toilette flooded the whole end of our house.I have learned may skills over the phone.Seriously,he taught me how to change breakers and drain and reset the well over the phone and many, many other things.There is almost nothing I haven't been able to do with him coaching me from some other part of the world!We make a good team.Me and The Boy even rode out Ike alone in this old house.As soon as the power went off the deranged heelers,Pork and Beans, escaped.This is a picture of pork when he was still a pup.I don't seem to have any recent pictures of these two,possibly because I think their soul purpose in being is to drive me nuts!

Me and The Boy went out in the middle of a raging hurricane to find these dogs!That is responsible pet ownership,or possible insanity!I don't care too much for these dogs but Hubby loves them so I am not going to let anything bad happen to them.This is them as babies,when we first brought them home.I know, deceptively cute!

So some happy thoughts.The Boy says Doodah is officially a goatie goat!

She has adjusted to her new family and is happy,so now she is not just any 'ole goat,she is one of the goatie goats!I think this is the reason goats have horns,to scratch themselves!They are genetically itchy,or so The Boy says!

I think that boy is going to bust waiting for her to have a baby!He doesn't even get this excited about Christmas!I love true country kids!He is not excited about a new cell phone or trendy clothes,he is in love with all things simple and country.Makes a Hillbilly Momma proud,yes it does!


Pricilla said...

Sometimes I think a set of horns would come in handy.

I am glad the sheep weren't hurt badly.

Good luck with the turkeys!

Melodie said...

Thanks Pricilla !

Jennifer said...

Very pretty sheep! I love country kids that are more excited about the new baby goats, or chickens than designer jeans and materialistic things too. I am so thankful that if I ever have kids they will be raised in the country.