Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here is Hubby bringing a big round bail of hay to our little herd.
We don't have a tractor of our own yet.We are blessed to have really wonderful neighbors behind us who let us borrow theirs any time we want.This tractor doesn't have a hay spear so Hubby improvises!Redneck ingenuity!

Hubby could weld up a hay spear easily though,he is one of the best welders you will ever come across.Hubby is a manly man,there is nothing he can't do.He can work on and fix everything.Seriously,I haven't had a new appliance in 18 years.It is a blessing and a curse.Have you ever seen an 18 year old washer and dryer that has been moved 15 times?Yes, we have moved that many times,Hubby was in the Navy for a long time,and we have no problem picking up and leaving if a better opportunity comes along.That's how we ended up here.I did get a new fridge when we move here because we left the old one with our old house.

The horse and cow practically attacked this hay bale before Hubby even got stopped good!They are greedy!You would have thought they were starved down to skin and bones!Goofy things had just finished off a square bale when this one was delivered to them!

This is not a hippo,it is Fiona from behind!She is waddling over to eat some more!

Our goal is not to feed hay.We have the pasture but not the fences.This land was completely unimproved when we bought it.Fences are expensive and take time.It is hard to balance Hubby's time home between working on the land and working on the house and family time.

We are lucky we don't have to buy a lot of hay.Our goal for the winter is to get the fences completed.Then we can get a few more animals.We would like to get another Dexter cow and a bull.That will give us a little herd of 3 cows,we will sell or eat their babies,and a bull.We would like 3 more ewes for our sheep flock also.

Hubby leaves in the morning....sigh.The boy and I will be on our own for 6 more weeks.We do OK,but we sure do miss him.We will stay busy now that the weather is cooling off and that will make the time go buy faster though.The first week and last week are always hard...but we are tough,we are farm folk after all!

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Pricilla said...

Aaaah, fencing. I can't tell you how much we have spent on fencing. I don't know about cows and sheep but goats are murder on fencing. We just bought horse fence in hopes that will work.

We have to have hay as the ground is covered in snow most of the winter. In that you are lucky.