Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Boy's Blog

The Boy has started his own goatie blog A Day in the Life of Da Bean !I offered to let him have a day on mine,but he decided he wanted his own.The Boy hates to write for school,I am hoping this will give him a creative outlet and encourage him to write more!So if you like all things goat,and supporting young folks,you will love his blog.He is writing it through the eyes of our favorite little fellow Butter Bean,also know as Da Bean,like David Hasselhoff referes to himself as" Da Hoff".As an added bonus,The Boy has my slightly warped, hillbilly sense of humor.So there is no telling what stories he is going to come up with!

Talking about The Hoff reminds me of the time The Boy was about 7 or 8 and I took him for an eye exam.The Dr. walked in and said"Who do we have hear?"
And The Boy replied,"My name is David Hasselhoff!" For no reason at all!It was not like we sat around and watched Bay Watch reruns!Too much flesh for younger children in my opinion!The Dr. didn't even get it!He just looked at his chart kind of puzzled.

So go over and check him out,he's a good and funny kid.Plus, if he get's encouragement it will give me a break from fussin' at him about writing more!


Pricilla said...

I will do that right now...I think it is great. I never liked writing either but somehow it is better when you WANT to do it rather than when you HAVE to do it.

Melodie said...

Thanks Pricilla, that is what I am hoping for!