Friday, September 25, 2009

Dirty,Dirty Donkeys!

Bonnie and Clyde seem to be changing colors!

Clyde is actually a white donkey and Bonnie is white with spots.It is really getting hard to tell!

Every day they seem to get darker.I have never seen them rolling on the ground but they have to be by the mud on them.It's not just mud,it's soot too.They have to be scratchin' and rubbin' themselves on that rather large burned stump and tree trunk in the pasture from a big oak that blew over during Ike.

It is weird,they were clean when we got them.No sign that they had dirty donkey habits!Hmm,I wonder if they got a bath before they came here.Is seems strange to ask some one,
"Do you wash your donkeys?"
I think I would get one of those raised eyebrow looks!
Oh well,if they want to be dirty,dirty donkeys it is fine with me,as long as they don't bite a hunk out of anyone and do stomp dogs!I think they are probably too sweet and tame to bite.We feed them by hand and The Boy scratches and rubs all over them.
There was ruckus here last night though!The local coyote pack was out and had everything stirred up.Pork and Beans were howling right along with them and so were the neighbors dogs!Bonnie and Clyde were braying out loud warnings,did I mention the loud part!?!I never heard the coyotes get real close to the house though,they used too.Right up in the driveway.Maybe they also know about what dirty donkeys will do!

Another interesting thing,Jackie Chan is staying at Hubby's hotel in China!He hasn't seen him yet.He says there is always too big of a crowd around him.

Just because I want to show what a lucky woman I am,here are the flowers Hubby sent me,for no reason.

He just does that.I know he's a keeper!


Pricilla said...

They are beautiful. Check out BrokenTeepee today. Mine surprised me too.

Julia said...

I say give them a bath. Those donkeys that is. The flowers are great all by themselves! But glowing clean donkeys would be wonderful to see.

I Wonder Wye said...

I miss our wild burro -- we adopted him through a BLM auction. He died of kidney cancer when he was just four. He came from Nevada where they did some nuclear testing. A friend adopted a burro a year later from the same area and HE died of cancer when he was about the same age! It was so sad. He had a pompadoor, so I named him Lyle (for Lovett) Pompy, and my stepson made him 'local famous' by putting his face on t-shirts for the bar he manages in Chicago! We have 18 wild mustangs now ( Sanctuary. But a mule farm down the road has gaited mules and I really really want one........