Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gangsta' Ducks

This is big Momma.She is our only white duck.Big Momma is one of our first ducks.

You know how it is fellow farm people.You go in to Tractor Supply,the farm person's Stuff-Mart,in the Spring and they have all the little chicks and ducks.'Nuff said!I came home with 4 black and 2 yellow.Hubby built them a little duck tractor to live in until they got big.Hubby hates to hear my say"Guess what I got!"It usually means he will have to build some kind of pen!'Possum still managed to get one yellow one.Me an The Boy put more wire around the tractor and the rest made it.There turned out to be two boys and 3 girls.Big Momma is the biggest,she is also the head honcho of The Quack Squad.She is like a mafia queen!You had better not mess with Big Momma!

She waddles around protected by her Quack Squad,the black ducks.You may be thinking I've been too long in the sun,but I tell you it is true!When she is ready for a swim she heads over two the pool surrounded by the Quack Squad.When she is almost there they charge ahead and run off all the younger ducks and chickens so Big Momma can swim in peace.A couple of the Quack Squad may join her while the others stand guard.

When Big Momma decides she wants to waddle around the chicken yard,the Quack Squad follow around her.If a chicken gets too close one of the Quack Squad will" pop a cap in it's......"Just kidding!We don't allow our ducks to carry guns just for this reason.They do,however,violently yank out some of it's feathers!

The Boy was the first one to notice this organized crime type of behavior.He has a keen eye for animal behavior.I though he was just being goofy,but after I watched for a while I saw he was right.It was kind of funny because he kept telling me that the white duck was a "pimp duck'!I am sure he didn't grasp the right meaning for what that meant!
So there you go,now you know about our barn yard mafia.Ducks!Who'd a thunk!

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Pricilla said...

Pimp duck...heh heh. That is too funny for words.