Monday, September 14, 2009

The Outlaws are Here!!!!!!

Meet Bonnie and Clyde!

They are our new pasture muscle!I know they look a little scrawny,but you should never underestimate a donkey for protection!They are young and we will fatten them up,but it has been a hard summer with little grass.

Some donkeys are meaner than snot to everything,even people.Hmm..never thought about that saying,is snot really mean?Anyway,not our Bonnie and Clyde,they are gentle to folks.This was a must,The Boy is too involved with all of our animals.There is no place for dangerous animals on our farm.

Don't underestimate our new outlaws just because they will eat out of your hand.

They have a proven record of pasture protection!Like their namesakes,they have been merciless and left a scene of carnage. OK,maybe not carnage.But they have taken care of a few trespassing dogs.I hate to have to resort to this,but it is what it has to be.We also have a lot of coyotes here too.We live in a National Forrest area.When we first moved here they would come right up in the driveway next to my bedroom and howl and cut up half the night!That stopped once Pork and Beans got big.I guess the coyotes don't realize they are in a fence and can't get them!So even if we weren't having our current problem,the donkeys are still a good investment!
The Boy,of course,is thrilled!He has been after a donkey as long as he has wanted goats.Now he has two!Bonny and Clyde are very bonded,and had to go as a pair.That was fine with me,double protection.Clyde is a gelding,I don't mind little donkeys,but since they are in with the mare,I will pass on a mule.Don't get me wrong,I am not anti-mule!I think mules are great.We just don't have any use for one right now.Believe me when I say The Boy has enough pets!I am drawing the line at a pet mule.
Sweetie the horse ran up straight away and greeted them.

She was happy to see them.Sweetie is named just right,she is sweet and loves all the other animals on our farm.She has happily pastured with sheep and goats.In fact,when she was with the sheep they would stand under her when it rained!Never have I seen her kick or stomp at anything,the calves walk under her and she doesn't even flinch.Fiona was none to pleased at first with Sweetie.Fiona is a Bossy Cow,and doesn't like any other animals.Sweetie wore her down though,followed her constantly until Fiona gave up.When Fiona had Anna Belle,Sweetie became that little calf's protector.I was actually afraid she was going to try and steal her away from Fiona,but she didn't,she just became Aunt Sweetie.
One of the many reasons we move to the country was to have peace not have to worry about neighbors.I guess I was naive to think there wouldn't be disrespectful people in the country too,sigh...Well,now I guess we will just wait and see.


Pricilla said...

I love donkeys. They are so cute! I am sure they will teach that dog a lesson!

The donkey person said...

Donkey are mean,they will stop a dog flat sooner than you can say "bye-bye dogie".

Julia said...

Hi Melody,

I wanted to leave a note earlier but got pulled away from the computer...

Love the donkeys. They are "giants" right? Beautie-ful!!! I love menageries of animals. We have our own chickens, horses, and cats, but no goats or sheep. I'd like goats! By for now. :)

Melodie said...

Thanks everyone for your support! It really means a lot!

Nice to meet you Julia!