Friday, September 4, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I have hope in gardening once again!It's that time of year again.Fall gardening is the best garden time here in South Texas.Your not trying to beat the heat,bugs and weeds like the Spring garden.Here are some cabbages ready to go out.We got a real good rain last night,and you can tell by how fast things are sprouting.

Here is a tomato I set out last weekend.

Here are the purple hull peas,a southern staple.They are not the same as black eyed peas,although they look similar.A true southern palette can tell the difference.Yes,we know you folks up north just use them as cow feed,but you all are missin' out on some good eatin'!The Boy won't touch a black eyed pea,he'll eat purple hulls all day long!

Here are the green bean.Yes, I know my rows are crooked,it is artistic genius.I know there are weeds also.

My garden always has weeds,the veggies taste just as good.I read awhile back,weeds are good for soil conservation in the garden,I can go along with that!
Here is a cute picture of Nibbles just for the heck of it.

This is a wave of chickens following us to the garden.

Every time we walk in their yard a flood of chickens follow behind us hoping scratch will fall out of our pockets!I am convinced if,heaven forbid,for some reason we passed out in the chicken yard they would eat us.They would come up and curiously peck.Then once they got a hole pecked it would be like piranhas.A person would be picked clean by the morning!Chickens are meat eaters,they'll even eat each other if they get started pecking.
Here is the boy with his favorite sweet little bannie,Whirley Comb.

She wouldn't eat us.Her daughter,Whirley Jr., would mean thing that she is!
I still have more things I want to plant.This weekend is good for root crops.
So,how does your garden grow?

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