Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random,Random and Some More Random

I like to wear overalls when I am doing farm chores.Except when it is really hot in the summer.Than I wear shorts,my legs pay the price for it though.They look like a 6 year old's,scraped and bruised!
Anyway,back to overalls.I prefer to get my overalls from thrift shops.Who wants to pay a lot of money for something that is most likely going to be covered with some substance that some how came out of one critter or another.
I don't have a lot of luck finding any because of my...uh...rather busty farm girl built.I need a large or extra large.I rarely find these sizes at the thrift store.Apparently only waif like farm women give their old overalls to charity!
So awhile back I came across Rosies Workwear for Women.
The name is pretty self explanatory.They have woman's overalls.They come in pink,green and tan.Not too bad a price for a new pair.It goes against my nature to pay for new ones,but I am getting desperate.
So... I finally broke down and ordered a pair,the tan.I got them last week.They are nice and comfy .They have zip off legs,tons of pockets and removable knee pads.I love the knee pads!Once you reach a certain age,it seems,the knees are the first to let you know you are not a spring chicken any more!

The only draw back is they have plastic clasp on the straps.I don't have a lot of love for plastic, it isn't durable,except in our land fills.The next thing could be a pro or con.The straps are elastic,which are super comfy.Then that durability thing rears it's head.I keep thinking of shot waistbands in underwear!So I guess I will have to wait and see.For now I like them a lot.I will like them even more if they last for years without me having to replace the straps or buckles!

In other news,life on the farm is not just animals, it's boys too.We spent several hours at the new orthodontist yesterday.When The Boy was 9,he had to have a hersp appliance to stretch his lower jaw and partial braces on the top.We knew he would probably have to have more work done later.Well...later is here.He has to go into the appliance again and have full braces this time for a total time period of almost 3 years! The Boy is bummed!So is Hubby because we used up his life time cap on our orthodontic insurance last time.Good thing Hubby gets lots of overtime!Here is a picture of Hubby in front of one of the rigs they are working on.

It won't be long and he won't look like that any more.It gets cold in China.As soon as the chill hits the air Hubby stops shaving.He says he needs the whiskers as insulation!Hubby is a red head.His beard is a different color of red though,a crazy red.By the time winter is over he looks like some deranged mountain man!He will run his fingers through it so it sticks out every where and walk around that way!This picture is not even at the end of winter!Trust me when I say that monster grew way bigger before it saw a razor!

He absolutely loves this because Hubby loves to mess with people.He is an oddity in China.Not only are westerners a rare sight,a red head is unheard of.He is the only one most people there have ever seen.So this gives him many an opportunity to be a prankster.
He bought this face mask thing.I don't know how he stuffed all that monster beard in there!

He could have got a normal one,but nooo,this is more fun!It does look cold though.Me and The Boy would love it,we love the cold.Hubby hates cold.You can imagine the thermastat battles that go on in our house!
This has been a rambling post,from overals to beards!Oh well,I never claimed to be organized!
Dog update:so far so good with the neighbor's dogs.Animal control paid them a visit and gave them a warning,next offense is a court date.I just don't want to risk the next offense at the well being of my animals. I have my dandy donkeys,so I feel a little better!


Julia said...

I dread braces for my kid...I have one that sucks his thumb. And we have no dental insurance.... sigh.... But your bearded husband is funny! My husband grows a beard occasionally just to piss everyone off especially his parents and I ran across the picture this week with his fully bearded self. He has a bit of red in his beard too! Maybe I need to send him to China!! ;)

Melodie said...

Sounds like our fellows would get along!If your Hubby went to China mine could have a partner in crime!

Pricilla said...

Oooh, my brother had braces for 8 years his teeth were so bad.

My hubby was a redhead too. Now it's just all grey.

Melodie said...

Hubby's beard is going grey too,but the red is so red it still overpowers the grey!My hair is going grey way faster than his beard !