Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Boy

Here is a picture of The Boy with Anna Belle.

We are trying to start halter training her.She fights me,but The Boy can make her cooperate in one touch it seems.
The Boy has a way with critters.He has a very laid back personality and very gentle disposition when it comes to animals.

Here he is with a baby Nibbles.

And a baby Butter Bean,he was so tiny!The goat,not the boy!
He is also loves to hunt and fish.Somehow he has balanced these two things in his heart,his love of caring for and tending animals and his love of hunting and eating animals!

The Boy is a good kid.I love to tell tales on him because he is all boy and loves crazy boy things, explosions and the like.And let's face it,as long as no one gets seriously hurt,it is usually pretty funny!Here he is with Rascal and Weenie,our house dogs.

We have a lot more animals he takes care of.He has a horse that a dear friend of ours gave him.She said good kids deserve something nice for no reason,just because.Also we have our cow and her calf,Anna Belle and our little bottle calf,Sir Lion.We also have Painted Desert Sheep,they are yummy!This is Sea Salt and her baby Angry Eyes.

Of course all the poultry,assorted chickens,ducks,guineas,and turkeys.Oh,and rabbits.One pet inside,Stanley,and eating ones outside.The Boy takes care of all these.I help,but he could do it on his own.He is the one who diligently watches out for their health and well being,picking up on even the slightest change in any critter's condition.

He is a smart kid too.Really,I am not just saying that 'cause I am his mom.He could read pretty well by the time he was 5.By the time he was around 8 or 9 he had quit reading books for kids all together.He devoured everything on history, especially military history.The boy knows every tank, gun, plane,bomb,missile...... ever made.Hubby is an avid military history buff too.Even he says he doesn't know how The Boy reads some of the stuff he reads because it is so dry and dense.Today he is doing some easy, light reading,
The Illustrious Dead: The Terrifying Story of How Typhus Killed Napoleon's Greatest Army.This is like reading a comic book to him!He is really enjoying this book.Seriously,The Boy never reads any normal kid books.I think it's kind of cool myself,but I am his mom!He just asked if I would post the recipe for thermite!What for I don't know,he already knows what it is.See,he never stops!
So we just take him wanting to built stuff like stills and blow stuff up as a sign of a creative mind.After all,we don't want him to get bored with learning!They're just really souped up science projects and history reenactments!
I often have to remind folks he is only 12.He is very big for his age.Right now he is around 5ft 5 inches and 145 lbs!I know, he is a little Hoss .That's a reference to Bonanza for those of us old enough to remember that show.The Boy weighed 10 lbs 4oz. at birth.I know,all you ladies are going ouch!It is not just his size that makes him seem older,he is able to interact with adults and carry on intelligent conversations without a second thought.

You might think the boy would want to be a demolitions expert or stunt man or something similar when he is grown with his love of blowing things up.I think he would make a great veterinarian but he says he wouldn't want to have to put animals down.He wants to be a pilot in the Coast Guard so he can save people or possibly a Chaplin.Either way he is saving folks!

So now you know The Boy is not just all explosions and settin' stuff a fire!He is a good,funny,smart,well rounded kid.He makes life an adventure and I am glad I have him!


Pricilla said...

I can see why you are so proud.

Melodie said...

Thanks Pricilla!I had yo have a mommy bragin' moment!