Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Drive

Last Sunday we went for a Sunday drive around the lake.

We have lived here going on 2 years and never driven around the whole lake.We have been too focused on working on this place.Finally we have come to the realization all work and no play makes us grouchy!We have vowed to take life a little easier,not to become lazy good for nothings, but to just take time to smell the roses.

Here is a picture of the bridge closest to our house.

Further around there is another bridge across the river that feeds into the lake.

This is the old bridge.They left it when they built the new one.I love bridges,especially these old ones.When I find one of these it is like going back in time for a few minutes,even more so if they are still open to drive across.Lighthouses and old churches are other things we hunt down.We spent a whole trip to Norway once just traveling around trying to find as many lighthouses and old churches as possible!It was a great time,because they have a lot there and it is a beautiful place to travel.Sigh...I miss traveling.

This one is no longer part of the main road but is still open so you can drive across it.No, it is not leaning.I was too lazy to get out of the truck to take the picture,so I just
hung out the window!

Roll down the windows,smell the air scented with the river...ahhh,nostalgic.I almost expect to see Andy and Opie fishin'on the bank.

This is the view of the river.Looking at this it is hard to believe we were so burnt up and drought ridden this summer.

This is a cool sculpture of an Indian.It has nothing to do with the bridge theme,but it was on the drive and is too interesting to leave out.

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Anonymous said...

just now getting a chance to take a look at your blog.It is one way to know what my grandson and son are up to,or rather what mischief. I saw the part about boy and our running conversations on "grandkids" regardless of him wanting to list all of his animals as my grandkids,I love him anyway. Enjoyed the pictures.