Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flash Back

Hubby's and my anniversary is coming up in a few days,18 years.Ahh...where has the time gone? OK,now I fell like reminiscing.Travel back,back ,back in time with me to the 80's or as The Boy affectionately refers to it "the decade time wants to forget "! I can't figure out what his problem is with the 80'S or bears or electric eels, but that is a different post.Anyway..where was I, oh yeah the 80's.This is where Hubby and I met.He was 17 and I was 16.The hair we had!You can always tell what decade it is by the hair! I had the half can of Aqua Net ,at least 6 inch high ,rock star hair.It was like creating a work of art every day and killing my own personal piece of ozone layer .And Hubby,he had the classic mullet,parted in the center and feathered back,beautiful red ringlets cascading down past the back of his neck.Sigh... to be young again.Now that you have that visual image burned into your brain I will tell you how we met.We lived in a town that borders two states with a highway down the state line ,which was creatively named Stateline Ave.This was the place all teens "cruised".Endless hours of driving up and down this road,remember this was before the Internet and gas was 75 cents a gallon.The first time I met this crazy red neck I was cruising with my then boyfriend after getting off work at my high profile job at Wendy's.We were in my candy apple red '65 Mustang.Yes,I was cool,then I became a mom.Children suck the coolness out of you! We picked up a friend named Tex.No that was not his real name ,but no one knew his real name.Tex had some guy I did not know along with him,future Hubby.Somewhere along the way boyfriend left and Tex was driving.Strange Red Neck Boy said he had to get home so we drove to his grandma's house and he told Tex "Don't stop,just slow down,I'll jump out."And he did.He rolled across the yard ,got up,waived and went in the house. I married this man.Life is an adventure and I am glad I did.
I wish I had a picture of us back then.Really just a picture of our glorious hair.So I am posting a picture of our baby Bourbon Red turkeys.The one in the center is looking like he just heard this story and is saying "Say what!?!?"

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American in Norway said...

You really must dig some old photos out... DYING to see the hair...(I too was a Texas girl in the 80's...BIG BIG HAIR.) Thanks for popping by today.... I look forward to reading more from you . : )