Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What to do with Your Old Front Porch

The Turkeys are in their new home.

Hubby built this nice pen to keep them from getting their little turkey heads bitten off by coons and 'possums.I made the mistake of putting the first batch of baby turkeys in the rabbit hutch.It is high off the ground and covered in tiny square rabbit wire.It was a mistake.In the morning I had only 3 left .A 'possum climbed up an grab their toes and pulled their legs through.I was heart broken.I know that sounds gruesome ,but that is life in the country folks.We,by we I mean Hubby,will put on a real roof later.

This pen is a good example of recycling.Most of the wood came off the super ugly closed in porch that I tore off the front of the house shortly after we moved in.Hubby first used the wood to build The Boy a tree house,but he didn't finish it.Then Ike dropped a huge limb on it.So it just sat there until a few weeks ago,because this is a hillbilly-redneck family,we just considered it lawn decor.The other day I was looking at it and pondering what to do about it.Then it just hit me,like good ideas most often do,turkey coop!

Poor Hubby!He is always having to build something for some critter or another!He is a good Hubby and deserves some kind of medal or plaque or possibly a t-shirt because me and The Boy are always dragging home some new critter!Just the morning before yesterday I woke up and said" I want a milk goat,Boy,look on line and see what you can find."And that night we came home with Doodah!

These are Bourbon Red turkeys.They are a heritage breed.I saw a while back in a magazine,maybe Mother Earth News,where they did a taste test on turkeys.Bourbon Reds were the second tastiest!

Here is a bonus picture that has nothing to do with turkeys.

This is The Boy and Hubby flipping over the goatie house so The Boy can shovel out all the built up goat poop.Then,before putting it back down,soaking the ground in cheap yellow dish soap to keep away fire ants.Just in case you didn't know, fire ants won't stay where cheap yellow dish soap is in the ground,a good safe way to get rid of the little devils with out risking poison around your critters.Time for a Boy Quote.The Boy says"Fire ants had to be created by the devil."I tend to agree with him.

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