Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Entertaining Little Goats

Butter Bean says Hello!

The Boy says he read somewhere that goats have the minds of human 6 year old. Hmm...well, that could be, they are smart little critters and they put everything in their mouths just like a small child!We try to keep their "playground" fun for them.Because,let's face it,if they're happy and playing it is free entertainment for us.Yeah,yeah,I know ,we are easily entertained!Plus they complain loudly when they get bored just like small children! Wow!I think The Boy is defiantly on to something here.We try to add new things to their playground every so often to keep them happy,some things work,some don't.I put our little blind bottle calf ,Sir Loin,in there so they would have a new friend,they totally ignore him.His name is Sir Loin,my friend,because that is his destiny.Butter Bean loves,loves,loves his old lawn chair,Nibbles likes her barrel,they both like the woodpile.They do not like balls.Who would have thought?Now, for our new discovery.What 6 year old doesn't love a sheet tent?You know draped over furniture or a clothes line.

Both of our Goaties just love this old sheet tied to the fence.They play hide and seek,lay inside of it ,outside of it,and they love to be under it when the wind blows it.

I'll take watching these two over cable T.V. any evening!

Hmm..It seems I am writing an awful lot about goats on this blog.I just can't help it,they are so gosh darn cute!OK,something besides goats next post.Hubby comes home this evening for 3 weeks,so I will have some fresh subject matter.Those of you who know Hubby know there is no telling what will happen when he is around!So,until next time ,have a Goatie good day!We will!

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Billie said...

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Of course we have some gross also
Pickled pig feet in a jar by Hormel
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