Saturday, August 1, 2009

Butter Bean

This is Butter Bean.He is The Boy's pygmy goat.We raised him and his "sister" Nibbles as bottle babies in the house. I know some of you are going eewww right now! Goat poop all over the house ! Put down the phone,don't call the board of health. I know you may find it hard to believe (Insert drum roll )but they were litter box trained.Yes ,I know they said it couldn't be done.When they said that, they were talking about normal people.We are definitely not normal people!Actually,all we did was get one of those under the bed plastic storage boxes and fill it with hay and when they needed to potty they would go to the box and do their business.Of course they also ate the hay they were using as a toilette,they are goats after all ! The Goaty Goats, as we refer to them,lived indoors with us for several months until they decided to climb every mountain and by mountain I mean my furniture .Now butter bean sits in his throne or worn out old lawn chair ,however you want to look at it, and keeps and eye on his yard to make sure those lesser animals like chickens and ducks stay away from his domain.If the chair should fall over, usually because his sister knocks it over, he will complain loudly until we get tired of listening to him and go sit it back up. I think it is hilarious that one day The Boy will tell my grandchildren"Do you know when I was little we had pet goats in the house ?" That is my hillbilly upbringin' coming out !The Boy says it is the lack of opposable thumbs that keep goats from ruling the world !

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Pricilla said...

Wow, he and my Kevin could almost be twins. But Kevin is a Nigerian Dwarf...

Aren't goats hysterical?