Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mom ,you may want to come here!

I have been to "town" 3 days in a row ! OK,for you city folks this may not sound like a big deal,but if you live where I live it is an hour drive one way.We live in a National Forest,our town population is 691.We are the biggest town in our county,so that makes us basically the only so called town in the whole county. Anyone out there who reads this,here in Texas a lot our counties are bigger than some of the smaller states and maybe, some small countries too.So, if you need anything more than what they have at the feed store you better get ready to drive!So when I say go to"town",I sure as heck don't mean here!
So here begins my story for how I ended up back on the road today.
I am sorry .I have to start this story in a rather delicate way.If you are a mom,you know as soon as the bathroom door closes and you ..ummm. know ...sit down..your kids somehow know and start hollerin' Mooom,you might want to come see this !!!!And in response I say Noooo,I really don't want to come see it! But, I know it is no good to try and convince him I don't want to see,and deep down I know if I don't go it will be the time he has started a fire he can't put out himself or cut something off.So, I sigh...and go and see what it is he has done this time.This is what he has to show me...
Whew!!! I am always glad when it doesn't involve a trip to the emergency room!Those of you who know Hubby know where I am coming from with that. Of course, The Boy gives me the standard"I wasn't doing anything ,I swear! I was just cleaning them!" I have to say though,I do believe him.The last time we went in to have them straightened out,have I mentioned how hard boys are on glasses,the lady was afraid to try and get them more than semi straight for fear of breaking them because they had been,let's see what is a good word to use here....abused ,yep that works,abused so much.These frames didn't even make it a year.
Did I forget to mention my hermit nature?There is a reason I live in the middle of nowhere.I absolutely can not stand being in the city.Unless I am on a vacation to ..oh I don't know ..Europe or somewhere.But for the times I am not vacationing in Europe,I avoid cities.So we get to town and the place we got his glasses from is closed!Your probably thinking the same thing I was,#&@^%$# kind of place is closed on Saturdays! So, since I didn't look up an alternate eye glasses place before I left the house I am now forced to go to one of the worst places on earth,The Mall on a Saturday! A hermit woman's worst nightmare!Because his eye doctor was closed I did not have the prescription for his lenses,so we went from store to store in he mall looking for the same frames or some that his lenses would fit into.Did I mention there are 4 optical stores in this mall each at opposite ends and this mall must be a mile long and have a larger crowd than the population of our little town.So, anyway,we have no luck.So we then start over and decided to just get whole new glasses,2 places did not do 1 hour,one place was out of his lenses and the last place,backed up out of the mall,took 4 hour for us to get his glasses!By this time I was asking The Boy things like "You can see some things right like if a cow was stampeding toward you?" and "You don't really need to see it's not like you have to drive home or anything?"I left the house at 8:30 and got home at 4:30!The things we endure for the love of our children! By the time I got home I was on Hermit Woman overloaded meltdown! Swearing to never leave the farm again and swearing I would rather stay home and gut chickens all day!Sigh...but I will brave society again.I will run out of yarn ,or other craft supplies,I know I can mail order,I do it a lot.But it is not the same as going to the store and seeing rows and rows of yarn or fabric.But for now I am tired and need the quiet of my farm,to listen to the ducks laughing,roosters crowing and goaty goats complaining.The wind chimes and cows mooing can sooth the most agitated soul....

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