Thursday, August 13, 2009

I really have to be careful what I say!

We used to travel.A lot.We took long trips,but mostly we would take weekend trips sometimes every weekend.So,when we got this farm it kind of put an end to our travel adventure days.It is hard to sneak goats into hotel rooms.The Boy says it is goat discrimination and he is contemplating legal action!It is a little hard to get used to staying home all the time when you are an adventure person.Don't get me wrong ,I don't regret the farm one bit! It is really good for The Boy, being an only child,to have critters to take care of.And let's not forget the bonus of our own healthy food because,let's face it ,if we knew the story behind most of the stuff we buy in the grocery store it would make us hurl our waffles.Our homemade,sourdough,organic fresh ground wheat waffles!OK,that was unnecessary,all waffles look the same when they are hurled.
So,here's where I am going with this story.I am trying to think of good ways to entertain ourselves here close to home.We practically live on a very large lake.Hmm,I think to myself,we could get a small used boat and go tubing and fishing.So I call up Hubby in China and tel him my idea.
"Really,you want me to buy you a boat?!!?What my Baby wants my baby gets!"
Don't you just love a man like that!This is what arrives at our house!

Apparently I forgot to say"small" when I said I would like a boat!You know how these fellas are,you say you want a new T.V. and you get a 5 foot minnie movie theater in your living room!

But just look at how happy he is!Hubby works hard and is away from us for long stretches of time in a less than luxurious country.So,if this big 'ole boat makes him happy,them who am I to spoil it for him.
Another thing we got to entertain ourselves is a Wii.I will have some picts later of us playing this.This is a great family game system.We are all having a blast with it.I woke up this morning to,now remember Hubby is ex-Navy,oil field worker,to him hollerin' in the living room "Take that **tch!"I go and see who he is talking to.He is playing Wii! So funny!


Billie said...

J. looks quite happy with the boat.

Billie said...

J looks happy with the boat

American in Norway said...

Lucky girl! I want a boat like that... (I am doing my best Verunka Salt impression) HOW FUN!