Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can you really see too many goaty pictures ?

Hmmmm,I would say no,you can never see enough of the Goaty Goats!The boy was upset because I have not shown Nibbles,Butter Bean's sister,yet.First,a baby picture.Next, here are the two of them in their house Hubby and The boy made for them and looking through the fence for treats or a good scratchin'.The boy says that goats a genetically itchy and need lots of scratchin'.I am beginning to think he is right !
Nibbles lives up to her name,her goaty lips are always going,looking for something to nibble on.She is the kind of goat that caused all goats to get the bad reputation of eating everything,like tin cans and old shoes.Even if she doesn't eat it she nibbles her lips all over it so it looks like she is giving it a try! One of her favorites is The Boy's ear! Bu'er Bean on the other hoof,he lives up to his barnyard diva personality.He has a discriminating palette ! He will give it a sniff and if it doesn't meet his personal goaty standards you will be talkin' to the tail !
These little goats should come with warning labels.Caution Extremely Addictive! You can't get just one because they need a friend.Then you start thinking,I already have two,what's one more .Then,you will start thinking up names for future goats.Like,if I had another goat I would name it Pickles or Winston or ....This is what I hear from The Boy on a daily basis!Before you know it,you have a whole heard! I've seen it happen folks,so beware,little goaty goats are worse than crack !

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