Saturday, August 1, 2009

Well,here goes nothing !

OK ,here I go ! I don't know what kind of blog this will be. I think my life is kind of boring ,but people keep telling me I should start a bog. I am a middle age woman in a small Texas town.I have a 12 year old son "The Boy " and "Hubby " who works more in China more than he works at home.The country not the town,there is a China Texas and when I tell folks he works in China they think the town not the country.That how we Texans are.Anyway,I ramble .If you are gonna follow this blog you'll have to get used to that ! Back to me. We live in a 101 year old ,we will be working on it 'till we die, farmhouse on 15 unimproved acres.We are trying to live green and self sufficient,raising our own food, work on this house and land ,take care of an ever growing barn yard of animals and home school the Boy. So this leaves us open to all sorts of misadventures.Especially since it is just me and The Boy most of the time,and we are like the two stooges.We get things done,professional looking-no.Our goal is just to get it to hold together 'till Hubby gets home !So this is my first post,it kind of gives you the ground work of things around here.Oh ,one more thing, I went to school in Arkansas ,so please don't sent me comments correcting my spelling and grammar,I won't understand them anyway!


Anonymous said...

Hi Melodie!~
I love your blog and website. I always wanted a farm ,but didn't have enough land. I did homeschool my 2 girls though , here in SC. I am also a relative to you. I am Jeff's daughter Patti. Billie is my aunt.
Please keep posting. It is so nice to see Texas and even other places right from your own home.
I love your animals and farm.
Take care.
Patti D.

Melodie said...

Hi Patty!Thank you for visiting me!I remember you and your girls from the reunion all those years back.It is good to hear from you again!