Friday, August 21, 2009

New Babies

We have finally started getting a little rain.It is amazing how fast things start to green up around here!

I won't lie this has been a long hard summer on the farm.The heat and drought put me in a state of despair.It is wonderful how something as simple as rain and new sprigs of green can refresh a parched soul!Here is the sunset the other night after the rain.

We have a new momma!This is Whirley Comb Jr.

She is the very first baby chicken that hatched out here on the farm.Her momma was a black and gold bannie named,you guessed it,Whirley Comb and her daddy was Elvis.

This is her second batch of babies this summer.She got her momma's broodie nature,but not her gentleness.Whirley Jr. is mean as a dickens,what ever a dickens is.She will peck a hole in you if you try to mess with her or her babies!Whirley Sr. is very gentle,one of The Boy's pets.He was disappointed her daughter was not the same.Many a times I've seen him scratch his head in disbelief as he's tried to tame down Whirley Jr.

Still,she is a good Momma and that is what counts.

Here is a photo of another weird chicken.

Her daddy has to be the polish,'Ole Baldy,she has some of his weird hair do!We have no clue who her momma is.She is going to be an interesting character for sure!

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