Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet Doodah !!!

Meet the newest addition to our farm...Doodah!

She is a Nigerian Dwarf goat.The Boy and I drove out and picked her up last night.She is hopefully going to give us little Doodahs in about 3 months!Then yummy,yummy milk.
Nibbles wasn't real sure about this stranger at first.She watched atop her barrel and discussed it with The Boy.He assured her Doodah was a nice goat.Butter Bean was doing goatie dances..Yippee!It's another girl Goat!

Everybody had to check out our new goatie!
Anna Belle and Sir Loin are having a calf conference!

And the quack squad stopped by to stare!

Nibbles decided it was safe and hoped down from her barrel.See,she and Butter Bean are showing Doodah their box.

The Boy loves to tell his Nanna,sorry Nanna I have to tell this,That the goaties are her Grand-Kids!She denies being the grandma to any goats,dogs ,chickens of other farm animals.This just delights The Boy even more 'cause he can pester her about it.He gets that from his daddy!
"Nanna,don't you want to pet your Grand-Kids?""Nanna,your Grand-Kids are nahhh-ing for you!"

Nanna informed us she left instructions with other relatives that if she should die,The Boy was not to be allowed to do her obituary because she didn't want it to say she left behind Grand Goats and Grand Dogs and Grand Chickens! I don't think she was joking either!Well,she probably has a legitimate worry,because The Boy would do that.

You don't have to worry about Nana though, she is tough wrapped up in a little package.The Boy all ready towers over her.She made it through raising my,trouble is his middle name,red-headed,mischievous Hubby without killing him or ending up in a nut house.

Just look at that face,you can tell he's thinking up mischief just by looking at him!
He has a brother and sister,but I think they were mainly his victims.The stories that woman can tell!She could probably curb population growth just by telling folks that are thinking about having babies stories about Hubby as a child!The Boy won't do her in, believe me.
Anyway....welcome Doohdah!I know your gonna love it here!

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