Friday, August 28, 2009

Boys,how do they make it to men?

There comes a time as a mom of a boy you have to let go and let them walk down that road to mandom.Hmm...maybe that should be man-dumb?I think it hits most of us when our boys get around 10.Don't get me wrong I am not a man basher,I love men!But how many times have we heard "It seemed like a good idea at the time.".

You realize all your efforts are futile,the testosterone has won!So you just brace for impact.
You have to let them use the power tools and chainsaws, blow things up and crash things and here in Texas, shoot guns.All the crazy stuff they have to do to become men.Then listen to them brag,
" Look how my finger bends now!"
"Cool ! My whole eyebrow is gone!"
Ladies,you know what I am talking about here.The men are all going"Yeah! Way to go,coool!"All the while you are planning the fastest way to get to the emergency room and hoping you remember all your first aid training! Those of you who know Hubby know I have plenty of experience in these areas.There was a period of a year or two that every 3 months we were at the emergency room!Thank goodness above that he has slowed down in his old age!
There are times when I know I have to take a deep breath,walk away and just brace for the impending explosion or the like.Today was a prime example.I am sitting in the living room and I hear The Boy imitating Forrest Gump,and doing a darn good job on the voice if I do say so.

"I may not be a smart man.......but I know when to set somethin' on fire."
I didn't even want to know.I just took a deep breath,went outside and was thinking to myself"I don't think that was actually in the movie." What's a mom to do?!?!?!?

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