Sunday, August 2, 2009

intercultural marriages and Mom can we build a still ???

Remember in the earlier post how I told you all we are not normal?Here is another example.
We are an intercultural couple ,but not in the traditional way.I come from a long line of proud,well OK maybe not proud,but definitely long, line of Arkansas Hillbillies.Hubby is a good 'ole Texas red neck.I know,many of you are thinking "How could this relationship ever possibly work?"Well we have made it work for 18 years,but truly, in these kind of relationships it is the children who suffer.Enter The Boy,torn between two worlds! Too much redneck ,too much hillbilly.This is just one example of the conflicts he has to live with.It is a Friday night and he has to choose between a monster truck rally(red neck half) or(hillbilly side) sittin' on the porch pickin' out Dueling Banjos.Just kidding ,he plays the fiddle. I actually think the hillbilly side is starting to win out though.For the last two weeks he has been bugging me ,out of the blue,for no reason, to build a still.This is a little out of his usual "Mom can I make a....?"Usually ..... is filled in with things like a RPG or thermite, you know typical boy stuff that goes boom. Often he ask to mount large guns(Yes,we have lots of guns ,remember I said we live in Texas!) on our truck,boat or lawnmower.For you city folks,or anyone who has never watched an episode of Beverly Hillbillies,a still is a device that you use to make corn liquor, medicine, white lightening,moonshine or in really tough families, mothers milk.What makes this a little surprising is the fact that we are not big drinkers.Hubby never drinks.I have an occasional glass of wine,and sometimes,on those PMS days,a small....OK fine,big shot of Baily's in my coffee in the mornings.But believe me that is for the good of all humanity.I have tried to explain to The Boy we don't drink corn liquor,but he has been undeterred.He swears it would be a good way to learn about hydrodynamics and distillation for school.That boy knows I am a sucker for a school science project! I wonder if I can get a home school book published "Teaching Children Hydrodynamics through Still Makin"?Might sell good in Arkansas.Besides, anyone who has home schooled knows after one of those particularly long, hard days of trying to cram something useful into a reluctant brain(the red neck side),pause while I let out a long sigh........knows a shot of "Granny's medicine" will take the edge off and give you the courage to do it again tomorrow !Just kidding.Really.Now don't get upset and call CPS ! I am not really going to let him build a still,and even if I did they wouldn't find it. Every full bloodied hillbilly knows how to hide his or her still !

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