Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Father and son fence building!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Farm Stuff

Clyde says hello!

How could a body not love that sweet donkey face!?!?!

WE are having a hot spell.The weather had cooled off some,we were having 80's but the last couple of days it has been in the 90's.Phooey!Me and The Boy hate the heat!Mother Nature always teases us with the season changes,she gives us a taste of things to come and WHAM back to the heat.Of course 90 is about 15 degrees cooler than what we had this summer.

The pasture was nothing but brown,burnt up stubble all summer.We finally started getting cooler temps and rain and now look at it.Sigh...beautiful.

Yesterday evening while we were doing the chores this guy flew over.

I love these things!Where we uses to live someone had one and flew over our place all the time.You can get kits and build these things.I asked Hubby to build me one but he said no way! I love flying,maybe The Boy gets that from me,he is determined to be a pilot.

We went to one of the bigger towns today to look for something to go on the edges of the tin roof on the goat house.The crazy critters have been in there since they were babies and never climbed on the roof.Now,all of a sudden,they can't stay off of it!Butter Bean nicked his leg this morning,sent The Boy in to a panic.He takes his animal care seriously!It is a nice drive.

We go past the dam.They had all but one gate open!This is wonderful,means we're catching up on the rain we missed this summer!

The Bourbon Reds are growing!They have plenty of room in their tractor,but they are big enough to start going out and foraging.I need to start fencing an area for them soon.I just love the color of these turkeys!

We had great sky yesterday.Don't those clouds look like Fall?I love sky pictures,maybe it goes with that love of flying.

They made a beautiful sunset too.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

GAA or Goat Addicts Anonymous

Hello,my name is Melodie, and I am an addict.A goat addict.I didn't mean for it to happen.I just tried one,a Pygmy.I didn't know Pygmy's were the "gateway" goats!

Really,it's Heidi's fault.Yep, that children's classic led us down this road of addiction.It got the boy in it's goatie clutches first.

You see,when we first moved down to the Houston area we rented a house in one of the many burbs.Hubby was in Norway,our stuff was in storage in Northeast Texas.Me and The Boy stayed in this house a week with nothing but a blow up air mattress,a few cooking items,a wooden pin ball game and a used copy of Heidi.We were waiting for Hubby to fly home so we could drive up and get our stuff.

I know,Heidi is not exactly military obsessed boy reading material.I read it out loud and he really enjoyed it.I found out soon why he liked it.Yep,you guessed it,the goats.From then on it was nonstop,"Can I get a goat?"

We told him he couldn't have one while we lived in town.Finally we moved to the farm and for Christmas he got a bottle baby Pygmy, Butter Bean.

He was soooo cute and sooo tiny.So when I learned they need a friend,I had no problem finding and buying another goat.

The Boy became a walking encyclopedia of goat knowledge.Actually,The Boy is a whole set of encyclopedias on various things,explosives,tanks, weapons, get the picture,but the new volume was goats.

This is a dangerous addiction,it gets a hold of a person before they even know what hit them!It starts out as a child's pet.You find yourself looking for excuses to go out in the goat pen.When you walk around you no longer see beautiful wild flowers.Instead you think," I wonder if the goats would like to eat that?"You start looking for things to entertain your goats,new toys for them.Before you know it you are no longer watching TV in the evening because you are out watching the goats play.

You can't go anywhere because,really,who will take good enough care of your goats!When you go out you realize your clothes are covered in goat hair or,even worse,you get to church and the front of your dress is hairy!

That is just the first stage of addiction.Then come the excuses.You find yourself making up excuses why you need to buy more goats.We could milk them and make soap,we can sell their babies to help pay for their room and board.Yeah,yeah,that's what we can do!!!I am at this stage.The Boy is far worse off,the only thing keeping his addiction under control is his lack of a job to support his habit!If he had a job every dime would go towards goats and goat accessories.Sigh..that is the life of a goat junkie.
Laugh if you want.Everyone says it won't happen to them.Trust me GAA is full of folks who thought that same thing!Hitting rock bottom won't help either,there really is no hope for the poor folks who succumb to the goat addiction.
Even if you are reduced to living in your truck,you will some how get a camper shell and fill it with your goats.You will sneak them into parks to graze.People will point and grab their children close when they see you pass by covered in hair and smelling like goat,"The crazy goat person!"

Like most addicts,we want everyone else to share in our addiction!So come on,it's just one baby Pygmy goat! I can hook you up.I promise nothing will happen,you'll love it......

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dirty,Dirty Donkeys!

Bonnie and Clyde seem to be changing colors!

Clyde is actually a white donkey and Bonnie is white with spots.It is really getting hard to tell!

Every day they seem to get darker.I have never seen them rolling on the ground but they have to be by the mud on them.It's not just mud,it's soot too.They have to be scratchin' and rubbin' themselves on that rather large burned stump and tree trunk in the pasture from a big oak that blew over during Ike.

It is weird,they were clean when we got them.No sign that they had dirty donkey habits!Hmm,I wonder if they got a bath before they came here.Is seems strange to ask some one,
"Do you wash your donkeys?"
I think I would get one of those raised eyebrow looks!
Oh well,if they want to be dirty,dirty donkeys it is fine with me,as long as they don't bite a hunk out of anyone and do stomp dogs!I think they are probably too sweet and tame to bite.We feed them by hand and The Boy scratches and rubs all over them.
There was ruckus here last night though!The local coyote pack was out and had everything stirred up.Pork and Beans were howling right along with them and so were the neighbors dogs!Bonnie and Clyde were braying out loud warnings,did I mention the loud part!?!I never heard the coyotes get real close to the house though,they used too.Right up in the driveway.Maybe they also know about what dirty donkeys will do!

Another interesting thing,Jackie Chan is staying at Hubby's hotel in China!He hasn't seen him yet.He says there is always too big of a crowd around him.

Just because I want to show what a lucky woman I am,here are the flowers Hubby sent me,for no reason.

He just does that.I know he's a keeper!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did You Get Your NGIP Pen!

Well,did you!When I found out Nanny Goats in Panties was giving out pens with her logo on them I was terribly disappointed because at first she was only giving them out to the first few commenters and of course I was too late.A day or so later The Boy yells across the house,'cause that's how we do around here,that NGIP was giving away pens to everyone because so many people were wanting them.So I commented could I please get one.The Boy claimed it as soon as I told him!You all know he loves all things goat! NGIP must have been wearing her psychic goat panties because,bless her goatie heart,she sent us two pens!
Now do you think these pens will ever get used?Noooo,they will sit on display.They will be treated like The Boys taekwondo trophies and civil war bullet collection,there to gaze upon,but never to touch.
So I don't know if you can still get one,you can go over and check,and no,I won't sell you one of mine!

Throw Back Thursday

Today I am going to throw back to the past,back,back ,back to 1992.

Here is a picture of me and Hubby about a year after we were married.I know,I know,way too much purple eye shadow!

You may notice the lack of decor.That is because we had nothing and we had it for a long time!

When Hubby and I tied the knot he had just come straight off a Westpac at the end of the first Gulf War.As soon as he made port and could get off that ship he flew home and married me.After a week we drove my old car and a tiny U-Haul trailer from East Texas to San Diego.We started having doubts that the old car was going to make it over the mountains but we were meant to be!
The only furniture we had was a two person table and two chairs.We had a basic kitchen set up,pots and dishes.That's it.Oh,and a 6 inch black and white TV without cable!After about 6 months Hubby found us a (yucky)used couch that I cleaned up the best I could.I still shudder thinking about that thing even after all these years!It was too long to go up the stairs so some of his Navy buddies came over and they hoisted it through the second story window.You could always get one of the other Navy guys to help you out,we were all in the same boat so to speak!Trying to squeak by on enlisted pay.
We were married almost three years before we had a bed.We had been sleeping on a palette on the floor up until then!Young bodies can take that sort of thing!
We lived in San Diego for three years and like everywhere we lived we had great adventures.We went everywhere and did everything we possible could while we were there.Gas was cheap and we packed coolers full of iced tea and bologna sandwiches!
I married my best friend and I am glad I did!I know whatever life brings us we will make an adventure out of it together.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



and YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You all Know I love Free!!

Yep,you guessed it!It is another chance to get something FREE from blog land!It is super easy,just go over to Broken Teepee and leave a comment and you could win Free large format poster.You can get anything you want done on it,vacation pictures,kids or grand kids,or even your goat!Seriously,how much would the kiddos in your life love a poster of themselves!Maybe your grandma would like a poster of her little dog Fluffy.Even better, get that favorite vacation photo done!Christmas is not that far away you could use it as a gift for someone and have one less on your list this season.So go on over and leave a comment,I have won some free-bees over there and you can too!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ya'll Want Some Tongue????

Cow tongue that is!!!!

Fiona is hoping to get a treat from The Boy.

The Boy is hoping not to get any slobber on him!

Fiona can wrap her tongue around an alfalfa cube fast as lightening and somehow leave a trail of cow slobber slime from your elbow to your finger tips!

Yeah,it's funny and gross!One of the best kinds of entertainment!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Chickens,Chickens,Chickens!I am sick of chickens!OK,not our sweet little laying flock.The driving me crazy,rebellious,teenage offspring of the girls!

We had an abundance of baby chickens this year,at one time we had about 40 hatch out in a 3 week period of time!We have got some broody girls!Especially those Bannies!What they lack in size they make up for in sittin' power!
Our chickens have a huge yard,water,tons of grass and bugs.Are these ungrateful chicken teens content?Nooooo....they spend all their energy getting out of the yard and scratching up my flowerbeds and garden.So how do we deal with this rebellious teen chicken attitude you may ask.I will tell you how we deal with it...CHOP CHOP with their heads!
Yes folks, it is that time of year.How do I select who is to get whacked for the day,whoever is out of the chicken yard!Not that it matters,they are all going to get it eventually,but it gives me a little satisfaction to take over to the choppin' block the ones who just scratched up a half flat of pansies or seedlings in the garden.

The Boy and me will try and do 2 or 3 a day,in the morning when it is cool, until they are all done.The Boy is obsessed with knives,he uses the excuse that we "process" our own chickens and rabbits as a reason to buy every knife he sees!If Hubby was home we would do quite a few more a day.We have a good system.I kill 'em and the Boy's will gut them and skin them or I will pluck them depending on how I am going to put them up.These are going to be canned,so they will get skinned.I will make broth from their bones and can that also.The dogs will then get the bones after that and we feed the guts to the catfish in the pond.All we waste is feathers!
I guess that goes pretty good with the "use it up" motto!I make light of processing our chickens but we take seriously what it means to raise our own food.They have a very good life right up to the end.Fresh air,sunshine,grass,bugs,freedom,well...freedom to stay in their yard anyway!
I really like to can chicken and broth.This is country convenience food!It is so easy to pop open a jar of chicken and throw together a casserole or pot of soup.I know where it came from,how it was raised,and what is in it.Plus being in a jar I don't have to worry about the chemicals leeching from the plastic linings of cans into our food.
Yes,it is extra work.Is it worth it?Yes!
Not only for health reasons,but it keeps us connected in some way to the earth,to life and what it means to be human.Living,growing and dying they're all part of the balance.The more we become a convenience society the more we loose sight of the balance we need to maintain,we loose respect for the soil and water and pollute it.We loose respect for the lives of the animals that give their own lives to feed us with inhumane chicken houses and feed lots and growth hormones.It is sad, so many people have gotten so far away from life,and really life it what these basic things are,they no longer care how their food became food as long as it is microwaveable and cheap.That is when it gets dangerous.People that are clueless,mindlessly consuming,using up without appreciation of what it really cost.
When we tell folks that we raise our own food they are shocked and amazed.I can't figure out why.Everyday you hear stories about how our food is toxic and the chemicals are making us sick.I can't figure out why we aren't the norm!Why people,for the most part, are still blindly consuming what amounts to poison and worse yet feeding it to their children!Rebel people,rebel!
See,I have gotten up on my soap box again!I just want to grab people by the shoulders and shake them,"Wake up!"
So, yes,we kill and eat our chickens.Do I have a problem with it or feel bad?No.Was it hard the first time?Yes,a little and it should have been.
I will enjoy my chicken soup this winter with a sense of satisfaction and a knowing that we did things right and a satisfaction in the fact that no chickens are scratchin' up my flower beds as I eat it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

As the Goat World Turns

I haven't watched a soap opera in many years.I shamefully admit I once had a powerful addiction to Days of Our Lives.That has got to be the absolutely cheesiest Soap ever made!Everyone on there had been dead and brought back so many times a body couldn't possibly keep it sorted out!The love triangles and who's your daddy drama!
I don't need fake drama any more,I have my own right here in the goat yard!

Nibbles and Butter Bean had a quit peaceful life in Goat Town with The Boy.Butter Bean was the handsome brother.Nibbles the sweet little sister.

Nibbles loves The Boy.She sits on his lap and nibbles on him.

She would rather sit in his lap than eat grain!

Da,da,da dum....then a new goat comes to town.A mystery woman,Doodah.

Instantly things change!

Butter Bean turns from a cute little show off to a love crazed soap opera grade lunatic!He apparently doesn't realize purse is empty so to speak.He is sure there is something in there!

He follows her around with glazed over eyes,his tongue hanging out and making little pleading grunts.Here he is trying to impress her.

She doesn't give him the time of day!She does occasionally give him a good head butt!
Doodah is in love with another.No,it is not another goat.It is......The Boy.Where as Nibbles loves The Boy,Doodah is in love with The Boy.

No one can scratch her chin the way he does!
She very loudly pines away for him!As long as she can see him some where on the farm she is quiet.She is content to just glance upon The Boy.
When she sees him start to walk away the desperate cries begin!Talk about drama!I can only take so much,I think Doodah knows this,until I holler across the house,"Go spend some time with your goat so I can have some peace!"We are hillbilly/redneck,we never go find each other to talk,we just holler loudly to each other across the house,yard,field,whatever!
To further add to the soap opera like drama of Goat World,Doodah will add a baby or hopefully two to the plot.This is our who's your daddy twist!She will tell Butter Bean they are his.He knows it can not be true.Will he blindly accept her deception and play along in hopes to finally win her love?Will he cast her aside when he sees she has born another goats kids?We'll all ponder this as we hear,"Tune in tomorrow..."
I have to go holler at The Boy to spend some time with his goat,I am getting a headache!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random,Random and Some More Random

I like to wear overalls when I am doing farm chores.Except when it is really hot in the summer.Than I wear shorts,my legs pay the price for it though.They look like a 6 year old's,scraped and bruised!
Anyway,back to overalls.I prefer to get my overalls from thrift shops.Who wants to pay a lot of money for something that is most likely going to be covered with some substance that some how came out of one critter or another.
I don't have a lot of luck finding any because of my...uh...rather busty farm girl built.I need a large or extra large.I rarely find these sizes at the thrift store.Apparently only waif like farm women give their old overalls to charity!
So awhile back I came across Rosies Workwear for Women.
The name is pretty self explanatory.They have woman's overalls.They come in pink,green and tan.Not too bad a price for a new pair.It goes against my nature to pay for new ones,but I am getting desperate.
So... I finally broke down and ordered a pair,the tan.I got them last week.They are nice and comfy .They have zip off legs,tons of pockets and removable knee pads.I love the knee pads!Once you reach a certain age,it seems,the knees are the first to let you know you are not a spring chicken any more!

The only draw back is they have plastic clasp on the straps.I don't have a lot of love for plastic, it isn't durable,except in our land fills.The next thing could be a pro or con.The straps are elastic,which are super comfy.Then that durability thing rears it's head.I keep thinking of shot waistbands in underwear!So I guess I will have to wait and see.For now I like them a lot.I will like them even more if they last for years without me having to replace the straps or buckles!

In other news,life on the farm is not just animals, it's boys too.We spent several hours at the new orthodontist yesterday.When The Boy was 9,he had to have a hersp appliance to stretch his lower jaw and partial braces on the top.We knew he would probably have to have more work done later.Well...later is here.He has to go into the appliance again and have full braces this time for a total time period of almost 3 years! The Boy is bummed!So is Hubby because we used up his life time cap on our orthodontic insurance last time.Good thing Hubby gets lots of overtime!Here is a picture of Hubby in front of one of the rigs they are working on.

It won't be long and he won't look like that any more.It gets cold in China.As soon as the chill hits the air Hubby stops shaving.He says he needs the whiskers as insulation!Hubby is a red head.His beard is a different color of red though,a crazy red.By the time winter is over he looks like some deranged mountain man!He will run his fingers through it so it sticks out every where and walk around that way!This picture is not even at the end of winter!Trust me when I say that monster grew way bigger before it saw a razor!

He absolutely loves this because Hubby loves to mess with people.He is an oddity in China.Not only are westerners a rare sight,a red head is unheard of.He is the only one most people there have ever seen.So this gives him many an opportunity to be a prankster.
He bought this face mask thing.I don't know how he stuffed all that monster beard in there!

He could have got a normal one,but nooo,this is more fun!It does look cold though.Me and The Boy would love it,we love the cold.Hubby hates cold.You can imagine the thermastat battles that go on in our house!
This has been a rambling post,from overals to beards!Oh well,I never claimed to be organized!
Dog update:so far so good with the neighbor's dogs.Animal control paid them a visit and gave them a warning,next offense is a court date.I just don't want to risk the next offense at the well being of my animals. I have my dandy donkeys,so I feel a little better!

Wordless Wednesday

This is Tina Turner,the polish hen.Fabulous hair,simply fabulous!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Boy's Blog

The Boy has started his own goatie blog A Day in the Life of Da Bean !I offered to let him have a day on mine,but he decided he wanted his own.The Boy hates to write for school,I am hoping this will give him a creative outlet and encourage him to write more!So if you like all things goat,and supporting young folks,you will love his blog.He is writing it through the eyes of our favorite little fellow Butter Bean,also know as Da Bean,like David Hasselhoff referes to himself as" Da Hoff".As an added bonus,The Boy has my slightly warped, hillbilly sense of humor.So there is no telling what stories he is going to come up with!

Talking about The Hoff reminds me of the time The Boy was about 7 or 8 and I took him for an eye exam.The Dr. walked in and said"Who do we have hear?"
And The Boy replied,"My name is David Hasselhoff!" For no reason at all!It was not like we sat around and watched Bay Watch reruns!Too much flesh for younger children in my opinion!The Dr. didn't even get it!He just looked at his chart kind of puzzled.

So go over and check him out,he's a good and funny kid.Plus, if he get's encouragement it will give me a break from fussin' at him about writing more!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Win,Win,WIN !!!!

You all know by now I love a free giveaway!Ahh...the perks of blog land!You can win a gorgeous apron from the The Apron Goddesses.

This red print apron is courtesy of Heavenly Hostess! How could you not want this!It might even make you want to make a batch of cookies or something! So go over and check it out.You'll be glad you did and ,who knows,you might be the lucky winner!

The Outlaws are Here!!!!!!

Meet Bonnie and Clyde!

They are our new pasture muscle!I know they look a little scrawny,but you should never underestimate a donkey for protection!They are young and we will fatten them up,but it has been a hard summer with little grass.

Some donkeys are meaner than snot to everything,even people.Hmm..never thought about that saying,is snot really mean?Anyway,not our Bonnie and Clyde,they are gentle to folks.This was a must,The Boy is too involved with all of our animals.There is no place for dangerous animals on our farm.

Don't underestimate our new outlaws just because they will eat out of your hand.

They have a proven record of pasture protection!Like their namesakes,they have been merciless and left a scene of carnage. OK,maybe not carnage.But they have taken care of a few trespassing dogs.I hate to have to resort to this,but it is what it has to be.We also have a lot of coyotes here too.We live in a National Forrest area.When we first moved here they would come right up in the driveway next to my bedroom and howl and cut up half the night!That stopped once Pork and Beans got big.I guess the coyotes don't realize they are in a fence and can't get them!So even if we weren't having our current problem,the donkeys are still a good investment!
The Boy,of course,is thrilled!He has been after a donkey as long as he has wanted goats.Now he has two!Bonny and Clyde are very bonded,and had to go as a pair.That was fine with me,double protection.Clyde is a gelding,I don't mind little donkeys,but since they are in with the mare,I will pass on a mule.Don't get me wrong,I am not anti-mule!I think mules are great.We just don't have any use for one right now.Believe me when I say The Boy has enough pets!I am drawing the line at a pet mule.
Sweetie the horse ran up straight away and greeted them.

She was happy to see them.Sweetie is named just right,she is sweet and loves all the other animals on our farm.She has happily pastured with sheep and goats.In fact,when she was with the sheep they would stand under her when it rained!Never have I seen her kick or stomp at anything,the calves walk under her and she doesn't even flinch.Fiona was none to pleased at first with Sweetie.Fiona is a Bossy Cow,and doesn't like any other animals.Sweetie wore her down though,followed her constantly until Fiona gave up.When Fiona had Anna Belle,Sweetie became that little calf's protector.I was actually afraid she was going to try and steal her away from Fiona,but she didn't,she just became Aunt Sweetie.
One of the many reasons we move to the country was to have peace not have to worry about neighbors.I guess I was naive to think there wouldn't be disrespectful people in the country too,sigh...Well,now I guess we will just wait and see.