Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hay Day

Today we went to get some hay.We were hoping not to have to, we have a 10 acre field full of excellent grass.Hubby is working on fencing in half,but with all the rain he doesn't know if he will be able to get the corner and stretcher post set before he leaves.So ,he was able to find some round bails,not an easy task around here because of the unusually dry summer.This particular hay was brought in from New Mexico!So we went and got some just in case we can't get the pasture done before Hubby goes back to China.

Hubby had to take Pork along for the ride.

Don't worry he is tied up so he won't fall out.

Here is our hay getting loaded on the trailer.

I know ,a little leaning and scary!

Hubby strapped it down tight and we made it home fine.

Pork says he'll keep an eye on it!Well,sort of.Maybe he will just splatter it with slobbery drool bits!

We yanked the top bale off with my Toyota,sorry no picture of that!

Then Hubby used this board to get some space between these.

Then we just rolled them off the trailer.Together me and him can roll these big ole bails across the pasture ! He always tells me I have farm girl muscles!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Hubby back to China? I thought he was a trucker.

We need to go get some more square bales but it rains all the time here. We need a dry, sunny day before we can go pick it up.

Pricilla said...

Those suckers are huge!

Melodie said...

No ,he works in the oil industry.He is building off shore rigs in China!


We were so lucky to find these big bales!

Julia said...

Oh that looks tough to deal with. I am now happy about dragging around my little square bales which I dread since they weigh about 120 lbs. BUT THOSE SUCKERS ARE BIG.... Oh! Do you have a fork lift at home to move them or do they stay where they land?

Melodie said...

We try to get them close to where we want them but me and Hubby can roll them around pretty good!

Texan said...

Mercy me I guess you do have farm girl muscles! Those round bales weigh a lot!

Da Bean said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM Hay. Why don't you get us goats some hay.