Friday, October 9, 2009

Garden Update

Well, the garden is looking good.

Yep,I know it has weeds,always does.I have visions of beautiful,magazine worthy, weed free gardens.Never happens,never will either I don't imagine!
It is a race now against cold weather.I will defiantly get some green beans.

The purple hull peas will be iffy,they like warm weather.It has been in the 90's the last few days with night temps in the high 70's but a front is coming today and will drop us to the 70's with night temps in the 50's.

It probably won't last it's too early for those kind of lows.Farmers Almanac did predict colder and wetter than usual for us this winter.

I have always been told tomatoes need night temps in the 60's to make.

That's why I didn't get any this summer we went straight to the 80's at night.I usually can up enough tomatoes to last all winter, is going to put a damper on my usual winter fare if I don't get some from these!Of course I didn't get any thing much this summer except some okra and yellow squash.

Me and The Boy can make a meal off fried okra and fried yellow squash!This is the south we take every thing that could be remotely healthy and batter fry it.How can something that taste so good be so wrong!?!
The brussle sprouts I set out are doing good, The Boy is none to pleased about that.

The cabbage and broccoli are struggling with this warm snap we've had.I will have to replant a few.That is if I can find any broccoli,is it just here or is there a broccoli shortage everywhere?I bought seeds for everything I wanted to plant this year but somehow left out broccoli.I am trying to plant things I will be able to save seeds from.I also have some cauliflower seedlings that will hopefully go out soon.
This weekend is supposed to be good for root crops,I did not have a lot of luck last year with these but I am going to plant carrots,beets,parsnips and some onions and hope for the best.Seed is cheap and I figure if I only get a few veggies they paid for the seeds,especially buying organic produce.
This is some white winter squash I hope makes before frost.

I planted pumpkins this time last year on a whim and they made before frost,so I am hopeful.

This is a big mound of fire ants that covered my sprinkler.

Those of you far enough up north who have never encountered these,they are pure evil,the devil's minions.

Here is a beautiful sunset,what a way to end the day!


Pricilla said...

Wow. Ours is snow covered this morning....

Melodie said...

I would love to live somewhere where it was already cold!

Julia said...

Your garden is inspiring to me for starting my winter garden!! :)