Friday, October 2, 2009

Wild Things

There is something to be said for the natural look,wild and unkempt.

Don't get me wrong those beautiful manicured places are often breathtaking,but every place should have a wild spot or two.A place where things are left alone to grow as they would if we were not here taming it.I think you miss out on some of the surprises of nature if you don't have a wild place.

We have a lot of wild places around here!Mainly because this place was mostly let go for many years!

Here Is The Boy feeding the donkeys,Bonnie and Clyde.They like to be hand fed and The Boy is more than happy to indulge them!

Anna Belle is so spoiled she thinks she should get some of everyone's breakfast.All the other critters let her,she is spoiled by them too!

Anna Belle decided hand feeding wasn't fast enough and just decided to dip into the whole bucket!

The morning was nice,we could actually do our farm chores without being soaked with sweat!Come on Fall!

The Boy decided to take Doodah for a walk so she could chomp on weeds.She loves tasty poison ivy and devils weed and we love for her to eat it all up!

We found some goats we are going to look at tomorrow.So maybe we have a new addition to our goatie family!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

If you love the wild look, then you most certainly would love my yard! This year it has really been let go as I just was not physically able to get out there like I usually do!
And goats can eat poison ivy and not get sick???
Who knew?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I like the name DooDah, I'll have to remember it.

Oh, I just love the wild places, our whole 30 acres we live on is wild.

Pricilla said...

Good luck on the goat hunting front. It's a shame you aren't closer to me. We have a couple here that need a home

Melodie said...

I know,I would love to have one of your sweet goats!

Melodie said...

I love them too!
It was so hot here we let things go this summer too!

Julia said...

I love the wilde look. I try to "get" the wild look on my landscape berm. I think my husband said, "That just looks like a wild mess." But I dont care! Wild is good.