Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall,at last!

Fall, Fall, Fall, glorious Fall, how you make my heart flutter!If only it would stay this way forever,sigh. I know, it sounds like over kill.It is just so wonderful to go out in the mornings and do chores and not be dripping wet with sweat at 6 am.To hang out laundry in bright sunshine and cool breezes instead of laundry that is baked into some sort of stiff fabric board in 10 minutes.

Flowers blooming instead of wilting and dieing.

Veggies in the garden.Baby red cabbage and

speckled butter beans.

Leaves turning and falling because it is time not because they are moisture starved and burnt to a crisp.Animals frisky and playing,also grateful for the relief.Sigh....

Fiona,happily staked out in the tall grass, alone.

This time of year is so distracting.I have so much to do,especially since the weather is nice.I find it hard to focus,I want to sit and watch the goats play,explore the woods,be outside all the time.If only I could forget about cooking,cleaning,laundry,homeschool,painting,the endless painting...grrr!Oh well,back to grown up land!I am trying to get the walls in the kitchen, dining room and hall way done this weekend,if I can stay motivated!I am tired of looking at the ugly kitchen,but is is nobody's fault but my own,I am the one who is tired of painting and put it off.Painting is just the first step it is going to have to have a total redo from floor to ceiling,but the paint will make a big difference.But,The Boy is out playing with the goats and it is such a nice day......


Pricilla said...

Me, I'll stick with the heat of summer, thank you!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I can't stand to paint, just too much mess. I think you should hang out with the critters instead. :-)