Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cow Woes

Fiona is my milk cow. She was my Christmas present last year.

I had been wanting a milk cow for ages. I wanted an Irish Dexter and that is just what my dear Hubby got me. Fiona was bred and gave us Anna Belle in the Spring. Our plan is to have a small herd,meat for us and sell any extras. Fiona has always had an attitude about being around other animals.

This,I theorize,is from being raised as a 4-H project.She is well trained,and is easy to work with for the most part,but was not raised with other animals,hence the attitude.Her calf,sweet little Anna Belle is nothing like her,she loves all the other critters.Fiona is not a very good milk cow either.She won't let down her milk for me,even after I let the calf get her started.She gives us enough not to have to buy any,but not enough to make all the yummy extras like butter and cheese.Her attitude as of late has gotten much worse.She is trying to gore the other animals.She used to only bother them when they got close, now she is to the point she is trying to hurt them.So now she is getting staked out in the field by herself.She has no aggression towards people because that is where she thinks she belongs,with people.

I am hoping to keep her in milk until the goats start having babies in December.I'll just have to see how it goes.When Hubby gets home next week we are going to start fencing in the front pasture.

Fiona will get a spot all to herself.This is how it goes in farm land,sometimes you get a wonderful animal,sometimes you get a stinker.I am not ready to sell her,she has nice calves and is a good momma.She will just have to be alone,which is what she wants anyway,after we get our herd going then I may sell her.It really depends on how she acts.


Pricilla said...

I am sorry Fiona is not a friendly cow. I have been trading eggs for the cream from my friend's milk cow and making butter in my food processor and it is wonderful...

Not to tease you or anything....

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Come on Fiona, you gotta get with the program.

Poor thing, she isn't used to being around other animals, must have spent a lot of time alone. Maybe over time, she'll get accustomed to being around other animals.

Melodie said...

Mmmm,I used to buy fresh milk and cream and make my own butter,so yummy.I am disappointed not to be able to now.Hubby says he will buy me a new cow that,I am going to get a proven milker next time!

She just seems to be getting worse,but I don't mind making her a place where she can be happy.