Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everything Taste Good With BBQ and Other Ramblings

I over slept a little this morning.The sun was just coming up when I jumped up.I went to wake The Boy who,like his Momma,is not a morning person.He preceded to tell me in a gravely,sleepy and deeply hillbilly accented voice,"The animals can wait 30 more minutes."
I told him no, they were hungry, and at that moment Fiona let out a huge bellow and both Bonnie and Clyde began some deranged donkey duet.I said,"See,they are calling you,they're hungry."
He replied in the same sleepy hillbilly voice,"We should just eat them all."
Now he doesn't really mean this,The Boy loves these critters.
I asked him,"Even the donkeys,I don't know how that'd taste."
His response to that was,"Just put BBQ on them and they will taste fine."!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahh..my son!

On the way to the dump this morning we had a long conversation,mostly him talking and me saying no,about how howitzers would make good farm tools.

I did get to can some green beans yesterday!

Talk about doing the happy dance!I have a deep,desiring need to can things.I don't know why.I find great beauty in rows of home canned food.I guess as far as obsessions go it is not a bad one,not like liquor,smokes or making meth in the basement!I don't have a basement but if I did it would be full of canning jars!I can get a little out of hand.I can not pass up jars.The Boy has stopped asking why I have jars in the buggy every time I go to the store.Oh,and old jars,canning junkie heaven!To find even one at a yard sale will leave me smiling for days!There is literally nothing you can not can.I just don't get the same satisfaction from freezing and plus canned food is ready to eat just heat it up.Now that we live so close to the Gulf and it's hurricanes I don't dare rely on electricity to keep my precious home grown food yummy.Hmm..I guess if that huge leaning oak falls on the house during a hurricane it will probably smash my jars too...but it has been there for a hundred years so I am going to live in semi-reality and say it will stay another 100 years!This is why a bad garden year hits me even harder,nothing to can!

Yesterday I had to drive the hour to The Boy's orthodontist because his spacers would not stay in.I asked them to try a different kind but that is supposedly the only option.I find this hard to believe since his old orthodontist used a different kind!Anyway...since I made the long trip for a 5 minute fix I decided to indulge myself some.They have a lot of antique shops so I decided to stop into my favorite one on the way home.Found these great old glass doorknobs.Our house is 101 years old,and looks like it hasn't been repaired in 99 years!These will look great on the bedroom doors.They have old doorknob,but they are plain,probably used to be brass, doorknobs.Glass is so much prettier.

My thoughts on Mr.Tumnus.My heart tells me he will be fine to treat like all our other goats.Thanks to my blogging buddies for telling me of their positive experiences with their bucks.I just feel like he will be OK and common sense wise,he has shown us no aggression,even when Nibbles came in heat.Plus I really don't like the idea of having to with hold affection.

He is so cute,I think it would have been impossible anyways!


Pricilla said...

He is a pretty boy!

I am a canning fool too. *sigh* as you know.
But...my freezer is full (I should say freezers) too. I just (and the hubby) prefer frozen veggies to canned. I worry about power outages with our winter weather but we do have two generators....

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I think Tummus is a beauty. I suppose if he started a bad behavior, use a stern voice on him but our boys have never shown any aggressive behavior towards us. We have 5 bucks/bucklings, so they have each other, does Tummus have other buddies with him in his pen? I think that is important for their well being.

A coworker had an aggressive buck but he was all alone and goats are herd animals.