Friday, October 30, 2009


Well..actually written on Thursday,but posted on Friday!

Yesterday,as I was sitting in my lawn chair knitting a hat for The Boy and enjoying the cool crisp weather one of the black ducks decided to test her wings.Most of our ducks don't fly much and when they do it is for short burst and low to the ground,except the mallards.They fly pretty good,I hope they stay put and don't fly off. Anyways,this one made it over the fence to the goat yard but smacked into the fence on the other side.She sat there for a moment and looked a little stunned as to what she had just done.Then immediately went to the goats water and dove in.It was like her own personal unsoiled soup bowl.

Our ducks will get in anything with water. No goaties seemed to notice except Guinness.She moseyed on over and the duck jumped out.She looked at me,then the water,then me again and walked off.

She didn't get a drink,can't say as I blame her.This is what water looks like after 60 seconds off soaking duck butt!

The duck looked quiet refreshed!

Ms.Duck doesn't understand the problem,she just gently used the water!

Doesn't Butter Bean look cute!

Don't be fooled.This is just seconds before he ferociously tried to eat the clothespins through my clothespin apron!

I am glad you can't see the stubble on my legs!

We saw this cut little old car the other day.I have no idea what it is but I like it.

We see lots of old cars around here because they like to come up here and drive around the lake and have get togethers.Well, not the cars themselves,the folks who drive them!

After a summer of drought mother nature is trying to drown us!We got nearly 5 inches on Monday and as I am writing this we have probably got another 5 today!

The temps are crazy too.We had to have heater running at night last week and this week the air conditioning was back on!I forgot to turn off the heater in the hall and had both going at once the other night to Hubby's horror!

We have propane heat.That is our big ole tank in that big ole puddle!We actually have central heat too but never use it as it makes me and The Boy feel ill.I think most people with allergies feel that way.Have I ever mentioned The Boy is allergic to the whole state of Texas.That is a direct quote from the allergist after reading The Boys test.Not only is he allergic to everything natural,he is also allergic to the chemicals in soaps,shampoos,cleaning products,laundry soap, ect.That is why I started making our own.Also he is allergic to preservatives,nitrates and the general junk in processed foods.He takes allergy drops.He used to take shots but had such bad reactions.Then we found the drops.They are the same as shots but you do them daily and they go under your tongue.This is not for the chemical and food allergies though.Don't worry he is not like some bubble boy and he won't die if he gets into allergies.He gets migraines and rashes.He has had a few episodes of lip swelling so I do keep an eppy pen,just in case,since we live so far out.
Because of my son I am more aware of just how many chemicals we are exposed to every day.It is frightening!
I was hoping to get Hubby to grill tonight,but he will have to get out waders and possibly move the grill to the boat!This was a special treat for The Boy because Hubby picked up some ground buffalo meat on the way home.It is The Boys favorite.Now I have to go make my buffalo burgers into buffalo loaf!


Texan said...

LOL on the duck getting a hiney washing in the goat water LOL...That Butter Bean is just cuteness!

I hear ya on the rain, we are floating I tell you...I can't remember when its rained like and it just goes on and on and on

I went for my run this morning 52 degrees and misting rain..

I understand about the allergies, I have a different kind allergy, its an intolerance which is internal and causes swelling of tissue etc. I don't get the runny nose and watery eyes... I had a Alcat test done a little over two years ago.. best thing I have ever done... out of several hundreds of things I tested against so many it was unreal, Dr said I have never seen one come back like this... butstopped the Migraines in their tracks by me changing what I eat and staying away from the chemicals etc... I too carry a epi pen, as I have severe reactions to some things...and as you say when you live 40 minutes from a ER you better have something handy!

All of a sudden I am reading about people eating buffalo, my DH just got a pkg last week, we made him chili with it...he really liked it and said he would buy it again. I don't eat meat so I don't know what it tasted like but he sure liked it.

Keep the snorkel and fins handy, LOL you may need them!

Pricilla said...

When we first moved to Montana someone asked us if we wanted to go in on a Bison. There was 1/4 available. We said sure - not fully realizing how HUGE they were and how much meat that was.

That was three years ago. I just finished the burger last month (there was 75lbs of it!) and I think I might still have one roast. The shoulder roasts looked like something out of the Flintstones. The first time I opened one I was laughing as it unfolded...that's what happens when you put a city girl in the country.

Anonymous said...

The car is a Nash

Melodie said...



I've been thinking about having him get alcat testing.I am gluten intolerant,so he may be too.


If the Boy thought he would get it he would ask for 75lbs of buffalo meat for Christmas!

Julia said...

Butter Bean IS adorable, except when she wants to eat naught like... Poor BOY! I have allergies too and know what it is like. Mine are no where near as bad as his it appears.

Cant say I've had buffalo but I would not turn up my nose at it. :)