Saturday, October 3, 2009

General Happenings and New Goats

Poor Bonnie,she has a poke hole.

I noticed yesterday she had what looked like a bite mark on her stomach right in front of he back leg.I figured one of the other critters may have nipped her.All our critters are sweet,but they are still critters and things like that happen!I could not get a good look at it nor could I get her in the barn.So last night me and The Boy rigged up a corral of sorts to get her in the barn this morning.After closer inspection and cleaning, it is a puncture wound,and already a little nasty.It has probably been there a few days but it is in an area that was not noticeable until it got ugly.Poor girl.So she got a saline wound flush,a shot of antibiotics and some wound medicine and a lot of fly spray.When we got back from the goat trip she got another wash and doctorin'.She will have to stay in the barn for a while until I can tell how she is going to do.Puncture wounds can be tricky.Clyde stays close by most of the time.Those to are so bonded,they often walk around so close they are touching sides.They are always laying their heads on each other.She is so sweet,I know it hurts for me to clean it,but she has not once even lifted a leg,or tried to bite.I hate when my critters are hurt!

The goat trip went well,maybe too well!We ended up with a trio!Buckley....

He has not decided to come out of the crate yet!


She is the most friendly so far or maybe just the hungriest!

and Sweet Pea !She looks a little like Butter Bean and has waddles like him too.She is very small even for a Nigerian Dwarf and soooo cute!

Guinness is expecting now and has had twins both times she had babies.Sweet Pea is also expecting,but this will be her first baby.They are both in the family way by the same buck,but not Buckley.Their babies will be unrelated to him.

Buckley,well he is a handsome red head and you know how I love handsome red heads!He also has a very good nature and has not shown any severe aggressiveness that goes with bucks sometimes.

For now they are separate from our little heard,but do not seem stressed at all by the move.So now I guess our goatie adventures will double around here!
I may need to attend an extra meeting or two of the GAA,goat addicts anonymous!


Da Bean said...


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I think I am partial to Sweet Pea already! Those eyes!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

How old are the girls, they look so small. They all look real cute. Sure hope Bonnie will be OK, for Clyde's sake.

Melodie said...

Cyn and Joanna,
Sweet pea looks like she has tears but it is just her markings.She looks precious .They are small,but Guinness has kidded twice both times twins!She is 3,Sweet Pea is 1.The pictures make them look smaller than they are too.They have been breed to a small buck like Buckley so they should not have problems.Smaller goats are better for us right now until we get things better situated around here!

Pricilla said...

Congratulations on your new (and future) additions!

They are adorable

Melodie said...