Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Love Being A Winner!!!

I wanted to shout out a big 'ole thank you to Broken Teepee.I won a giant custom made sticker from one of her many contest and it came in the mail today.Of course The Boy insisted it be of Butter Bean,and really how could I refuse!It turned out great.
If you are a contest junkie,I know I am,you should go over and check it out because she is always got at least one going,sometimes 2 or 3!


Texan said...

You can't go wrong making it of ButterBean, what a cutey!

Pricilla said...

Oh, I am so glad it came. Don't they do nice work?

Melodie said...

Butter Bean is our only Pygmy and our first goatie goat so he is extra special.

Melodie said...

Yes they do ! I look foreword to winning some more!